Autumn in Kyoto

Kyoto is well-known for its beauty at anytime of the year. However, spring and autumn are the two seasons that Kyoto becomes very attractive. I was unable to go to Kyoto in spring so when the leaves started to change color in November, I know I can’t miss this chance. Although it was still a little early, momiji can be seen everywhere in Kyoto (autumn leaves). Personally I think this time is the best because you can see a combination of green, yellow and red leaves.



As this was my second time in Kyoto, my one and only goal was to see momiji! And because I hate following pre-designated plans, I simply hopped on the bus and went around the city. While in Tokyo, train is the main mean of travel, Kyoto’s bus network is much better than trains and subways. With just 500 yen a day, you can visit pretty much anywhere in Kyoto.

My first destination was Heian shrine. While the tree inside the shrine was still green, the surrounding areas were very pretty.



A small road near Kyoto City Zoo


Tenryu-ji temple, a UNESCO World Heritage


I did some research before the trip and found out about Enrian, a small temple on Arashiyama. The way there was a little complicated, but I get to eat my favorite warabi mochi while enjoying the most beautiful sights ever!



The way to Enrian


Unfortunately, it was a early season at Enrian so the whole temple was overwhelmed by green color. But I did not regret spending efforts and time to come to this place. The place was so beautiful and peaceful I spent a good half an hour just gazing at its garden.



It is common to go sightseeing during daytime. However, autumn light-up event in Kyoto is also a must!

As I was near Nanzen-ji temple, I decided to see the illumination there. The view was breath-taking! I don’t think these photos can fully describe the beauty of the place.



Even though I came to Kyoto in an early season, I have no regret at all. Kyoto’s quietness, beauty and peace had made all my daily stresses disappear in just a few day!

The main season for momiji is coming soon (real soon) in Kyoto so it’s possible for you to emerge yourself in the traditional and natural beauty of Kyoto.


See you next blog!


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