Freshly Brewed Cuppa in Less than 5 Minutes

Hey coffee lovers, I believe you’ve read about the introduction of coffee varieties available at the convenience store in Japan from the previous post. Today i would like to add another option in your coffee list, which is the freshly brewed coffee at FamilyMart (one of the convenience store in Japan).

FamilyMart introduced espresso-type coffee machine since 2014. Despite the affordable price, the coffee tastes fresh with rich & pleasant aroma. Further more, the speed of it says it all. With the high technology machine from Germany with such advanced functions as grinding and dripping, a cuppa authentic and freshly grounded coffee can be served in as fast as 30-45 seconds. This is definitely my best choice for caffeine fix especially when I’m in a hurry  (*≧∀≦*)

How to purchase this coffee at FamilyMart? Let’s have a look with the following easy steps even though you can’t speak Japanese at all.

Step 1: Order & Pay at the cashier counter

Order your desired coffee (it’s available in different size & of course iced coffee is available too) at the cashier counter & pay by cash (Don’t worry about the language barrier, you may point at the menu which is available on the cashier counter table ( ´・‿・`) )


Step 2: Paper Cup Received & Let’s Start Brewing!

After you’ve made your payment, a paper cup will be given to you, and you may walk to the coffee machine counter to start making your own coffee 🙂

Step 3: Place & Click

Place the paper cup at the mahcine, then look for your desired coffee choice button & click on it.


After clicking on it, wait for about 10 seconds as the built-in grinder will start grinding the coffee beans & in less than 50 seconds, the drip coffee is served!


Lids, cream and sugar is all available next to the coffee counter for you to take. While for ice coffee, cups filled with ice are available.


You may also add some flavoring such as cocoa sugar, vanilla, caramel sugar & cinnamon to your coffee too! (。◕ ∀ ◕。)


I hope you enjoy this post & do remember to try this quick & reasonable price coffee during your visit in Japan!

See you soon ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚


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