Huis Ten Bosch and Hen-na -Hotel

Once Halloween ends, Japan quickly enters the Christmas celebration mood. From local supermarkets to convenient stores, from beverage to confectionery companies, from department stores to theme parks, Christmas decorations can be found almost everywhere from this time onward throughout Japan. This time, let’s me introduce the winter illumination event in Huis Ten Bosch.


Huis Ten Bosch, located in Nagasaki prefecture, is a theme park which replicates Dutch town. Built in 1992, it has been one of the most popular destination in the region. Huis Ten Bosch consists of many attractions, museums, restaurants, shops and hotels. The park is divided into 9 areas, in which rides and attractions are mainly located in Attraction town, Thriller city and Adventure park. WC2891_zpsbxmocn7u

Flower road with seasonal flowers and windmills and Tower city area promise to bring you the real Dutch experience.



Okay, let’s get to the main topic, winter illumination event! Huis Ten Bosch lit-up from early November to mid April. The whole area is immersed in thousands of sparkling lights!

Grand Parade of light





Waterfall of light


Colorful street

WC1631_zpsp3nodt0y (1)


Smart hotel, Hen-na-hotel opened just last year.

It is highly recommended to spend at least one night at one of Huis Ten Bosch’s themed hotels. There are 3 hotels, Hotel Amsterdam, Europe hotel and the Forest Villa. Hotel Amsterdam is the only one located inside the theme park itself.

Hen-na-hotel is the new, smart hotel that has just opened earlier this year. It is the first hotel in the world that incorporates advanced technology.



The hotel is also environment friendly、where wastes, energies are reduced by adapting the cutting-edge and sensor systems.

No key security system (it is also possible to request an IC key card)


Furthermore, the majority staffs of Henn-na are robots!

Receptionist, in charged of check-in/ out



They can speak both English and Japanese


Cleaning robot


Porter robots, those that will help you carry your luggage to the guest room


Churi-chan, a friendly robot that can communicate with you. Churi-chan is provided in each room for your convenience


Robot cloak room where you can store luggage before check-in and after check-out with an assistance from the baggage handling robot.



See you next blog!


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