My first time wearing Kimono

Hello everyone!

I have been living in Japan for a long time, but never have a thought to wear kimono. I know it sounds very strange….., but it’s very true.

Why? Because so far I can only imagine Japanese people wearing kimono, since it is a part of Japanese history and tradition.

…..But this time I decided to break out of my comfort zone and gave it a try!

There are many good places in Tokyo,but nowhere is better than Asakusa. It is a unique neighborhood in Tokyo, where you can feel charm of Edo period . This place is ideal for your first time kimono experience.

There are many kimonos!


My friend will do the Samurai training today (will be written in a separate post)


There are a lot of kimono rental shop so you might be confuse which to choose from, but take your time and find the best one.

After I chose kimono and obi, now it’s time to get dressed.



My kimono was a very beautiful and very special red one with elegant sakura (cherry blossom) pattern. In addition, the golden obi was a perfect match with to this kimono. I was surprised to find such gorgeous kimono here!

Wearing the obi


I didn’t have time to do my hair and makeup. But I highly recommend everyone to do their hair when putting on kimono.

The first photo shoot was done in the studio for 15 minutes


After that, we went outside to take some photo in Asakusa. Thanks to the nice weather, I was able to have many beautiful photo!

En route to Sensoji temple on foot


This is me with Sensoji temple in the background. It was as crowded as ever!



The staffs were extremely friendly, not only helping put on the kimono, they also showed me how to pose charmingly while wearing one.  As expected, walking in kimono was such a pain because the lower half was tightly wrapped. However, because of such restriction, we are able to see the beauty and gentleness of Japanese women.  While wearing kimono, you can only make small steps, so unless you are used to it, don’t run in kimono!

I’m still a little embarrassed seeing myself in kimono but it was such a good experience for me! If you had some free time during you trip to Japan, why not head down to Asakusa and try on kimono yourself.

Thank you everyone for such a wonderful experience!


Please contact us via or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo for more information about Kimono experience.

How to Get there?

Venis 2F, Asakusa 1-36-8, Taito-ku, TOKYO

Price: 3500Yen

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