Samurai photoshoot

Hellooooo everyone

Our samurai training workshop location has changed from previous one in Shibuya to new location near Sensoji-Temple, Asakusa, just 1 mins walk from Asakusa staion.

This location is much more convenient compared to our old place.

Let’s take a look around our new studio
swards and paper fan
Now let’s get changed and take some photos
Wearing Hakama
Finished up with the sward
Now we are ready for the photo shoot!
Learning some samurai move!
Had a lot of fun today!
Check out our new location : Samurai Training Tokyo

Venis 2F, Asakusa 1-36-8, Taito-Ku, Tokyo MAP

Check out our video!


For Samurai/Kimono PhotoShoot, it is at 3,500 yen.
For Samurai Training it is at 7,000 yen where after the training, participant will receive a certificate
and they can take photos using their own cameras.

Samurai photo-shoot

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*Photos in this blog are the photoshoot plan

 Samurai training experience

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4 thoughts on “Samurai photoshoot

  1. This is a rip off.
    We were 3 weeks ago. There was no photoshoot. We had to take our own photos.
    There were no certificates.
    They took a video of us and promised to email but we still have not received it. We sent a reminder but no reply.


    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Our blog is published last year. Some details have been changed but we are not up to speed with updating our blog.
      I am very sorry.
      I’ve contacted the person in charge and they will be in touch with you shortly.


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