Kobo-san, monthly flea market in Kyoto

There are several flea markets held in Kyoto every month such as Tenjin-san at Kitano tenmangu shrine (25th of every month), Tezukuri-ichi Market held on 15th of every month at Chionji shrine and Kobo-san at Toji Temple held on 21st of every month.

When I lived in Kyoto, undoubtedly the most exciting day of the month was the flea market day.

I’ve been to Tenjin san many times since my university then was close to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. Kobo-san is slightly bigger but the variety of goods are almost the same. I’ve been to Kobo-san many times too especially when the weather was nice. Toji temple is beautiful and admission is to the garden is free of charge.



Toji Temple



Beautiful Zen garden


In my country, flea market and street food is almost considered a part of our national identity. Flea market, in a way, reminds me of home.

I don’t shop much, mainly just go there to enjoy the crowd and the food. You will see why, keep reading!







If you happen to visit Kyoto on 15th, 21st or 25th, don’t miss out the chance to walk around in the flea market. You might find something you like. Handmade goods and crafts are quite famous as well as second hand kimonos, ceramic ware and locally produced food.



2nd hand kimono shop


Wooden slippers 



Other goods,




painting and art works





What I actually enjoy the most are … food!

Ichigo-daifuku, popular Japanese sweets made of soft mochi with bean jam and fresh strawberry as fillings. I usually I don’t like bean jam (I think it’s too sweet) but when it’s inside of daifuku, I loveeeee it ❤





Takoyaki, typical “matsuri” festive food



I spent nearly 2 hours here. Besides crafts and foods, you will also find a garden section where they sell plants and vegetable seeds as well.

Going shopping in Japan is a great experience. Not only the pleasure of buying food, clothes and souvenirs but also the pleasure of experiencing  “Omotenashi” or Japanese hospitality. Japanese shop assistants are always very patient. They show you everything, let you try on shoes and clothes and never once lose the temper even when you decided to not buy that item.

Flea market is no exception. I was surprised to hear many shop owners speak English.


Toji temple

Map >> CLICK

Toji temple on Japan-guides >> Click


See you next post!





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