Pleasant Hang Out with the Wisdom Owl

Hello animal lovers out there, are you looking for some extra ordinary activity to hype up your trip in Japan?

Few years back, many animals cafe such as ‘cat cafe’ and ‘dog cafe’ have been began in Tokyo and now spread around the world. Animal cafe are places where animal lovers can come for some animal interaction. As Tokyo is the kind of city that always have something new & fun,  ‘owl cafe’ has become the latest trends now.

All these while, I have never thought that I will have such close contact with these cute little owls until yesterday, I had explored Fukuro no Sato Owl Cafe which located at Harajuku with much of excitement (^O^)v

There is a big sign board  before reaching the Owl Cafe
and here we are, the Owl Cafe 🙂
The setting of the Owl Cafe is very trendy and comfortable!
The sketch of the store manager

The Owl Cafe Entry System:

As it is new in Tokyo, this owl cafe in Harajuku is crowded even on the weekdays. Hence, we had made a right choice to make reservation in advance rather than walk in on the following day. And so we had made a reservation through HIS Harajuku Tourist Information Center the day before, when we were shopping at Harajuku. And now they are doing some promotion with the special discounted price of 1,500 yen (Normal price: 2,000 yen), it comes with 1 hour time slot, 1 drink and 1 free gift. yes FREE GIFT! Always say YAY to free gift 🙂

the Free Gift 🙂

So after we have arrived, all we have to do is just to show our reservation copy to the staff. Here is some advice to you, please go according to your reservation time because late arrival might cause postpone of the following time slots and eventually affects others as well. We do not like to cause any chaotic, don‘t we? 🙂

After the staff lead us to the dining space, we need to order 1 drink before we start to have the interaction with the cute owls. Among the varieties of drinks available, I had chosen Orange juice to quench my thirst(^_^).

Look! Orange Juice with cute little owl behind!

Once we have gotten our drinks, the rules of the cafe are explained to us. Do not worry about the language barrier as it is also written in both English and Chinese version as well 🙂 So make sure you follow all the rules while enjoying your time with the owls.


Due to hygienic purposes, the dining space and the owl space are separated. So before we enter the owl space, we need to sterilize our hand with alcohol.

So for the one hour slot, it goes like this: patting,looking and holding. By following the instruction of the staff, I have approached one of the medium size owl and brush their head gently with my fingers. It is really soft! Next, with the help of the staff, i got to hold one of the medium size owl on my arm. However, I did not do much holding because it is too heavy.

the cute OWL with sharp eyes
Basically they are very quiet and they do not move around!
This is one of the small size owl with cuteness overloaded



Glove will be given to you to put it on before you hold the Owl on your arms. However, the owls does not have any toilet training, so be aware of the excretion! LOL

selfie with this cute little creature is a must 🙂

On the other hand, one of the thing which surprised me was the way how the owl rotates their head. According to what I had learned in Science lesson back in school, Owl is a special type of bird as they can rotate their head 270 degree in order to achieve a wide range of motion. And I was so excited by looking at it.



the owl is rotating his head! so cute (^__^)v

After an hour, we were out from the owl space and again we did not forget to sterilize our hand with alcohol for hygienic purpose.

Overall, I had a pleasant and fun explore with Owl cafe. If you are visiting Japan, owl cafe is definitely one of the must-go place. There are plenty of Owl Cafes in Tokyo. Some place are difficult to find but here is my recommendation for you –> Fukuro no Sato. This place is easy to find because it located about two minutes walk from Harajuku Station.

I hope enjoy the this post and please enjoy the following video of our Owl Cafe experience (✿◠‿◠)

Next, I am now planning to explore other animal cafe in Tokyo. Please stay tuned and have a good day 🙂

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