Year end sales (初夢) fair!

Winter sales began last week!

10,080 yen~ for Seoul, NYC from 29,800yen until Dec 21st !!

I bet many of you have already started planning the winter break vacation. Me too! I am thinking about where I want to go this year. It is going to be cold so I’m thinking maybe I should head south… to beautiful beach somewhere.

Last week, I had a chance to observe the first day of the sales at our Shinjuku office. The sales officially began on Dec 5th but for student, it starts one day earlier!  It’s so nice to be a student!! Some of the tours has limited seats and they are unbelievable cheap.



Dec 3rd, 2015 

Student only reception at Shinjuku head office 10.00




The first 100 customers got this bean jam icebar Azuki ice for free!




Got some help distributing from Miss Sophia university 2015.




Oh, my, she made my heart skips the beat (and I am a woman haha)




Updating SNS, this is for you!


For those who lives in Japan, this is your chance;) Don’t worry about the language. We have staffs who can speak English as well so you just have to ask for multilingual staffs.

— Trip departing from Japan both oversea and domestic —

For example… Seoul 3 days 10,080 yen/person

HIS year-end sales

Seoul will be very cold though but the food is so yummy. And the spa! Forget about the beach, I am going to Seoul!

Departure dates


You can visit one of our HIS shops nationwide, book online or call our call center. Check our website for more information >> Click

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