Afternoon Tea & Hissing Snakes

Hello animal lovers, as promised in the previous post (owl cafe), I will explore other animal cafes available in Tokyo. Today let me introduce you something extraordinary, the newly opened snake cafe!

Yes, Ophidiophobia (people who do not like/ fear of snakes) like me had take up this challenge to explore this snake cafe which located at the fashion district in Tokyo, Harajuku.

What are you waiting for?

Same as the previous owl cafe experience, I had made my reservation in advance through HIS Tokyo Tourist Information Center because I do not want to take the risk by walking in to the cafe without reservation, as I  read from the news that this cafe is very popular now in Tokyo and it has pulled in a lot of youngsters since opening in August 2015.

To be honest, HIS Tokyo Tourist Information Center has never disappointed me with their optional tour promotions. With the special price of 1,500 yen (with tax included), I get to enjoy one drink from the drink menu (coffee/ tea/ juice..etc) and also pick my fave snake to play with, and not to forget the free gift! yes i love freebies (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


choose your drinks from this menu (^__^)
1,500 yen > 1 drink + 1 attendant snake on the table ( for photography purpose ) + petting snake session
the cafe houses 35 non-venomous snakes (which are known as ‘attendants’)



The snakes are kept inside a glass boxes, but we are allowed to get them out once during each session for a cuddle. (p/s: the normal entrance fee is not including this holding and petting session. If you want to experience the close contact with the snakes, you may need to top up for the rapport fees)

Next, the holding and petting session!

the comfortable and spacious space for petting session!

Before holding the snakes, clear instructions and briefing were given by the staff. For safety purpose, we must read the following instructions notice.



Dont worry, just keep calm and pet the snake (◕‿-)




first time seeing snake excretion  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~OMG!

after the petting session, always remember to wash your hand for hygienic purpose 🙂

For the  Ophiophilists (that’s snake lovers), the cafe also sells snake-themed goods such as fake snake-skin ties, accessories, soft toy and Etc.

fake snake-skin ties
snake soft toy
fake snake-skin accessories


the popular ranking of the snakes at the Tokyo Snake Center♥‿♥


snakes are cute but they often have bad reputation. If you want to know more about snake, please do not hesitate to visit this snake cafe. Believe me, you will find it worth the price (✿◠‿◠)

How to get there?

if you are taking JR, get down from the Harajuku Station. (If you are taking Metro subway, get down from the Meiji Jingu Mae Station)

Harajuku JR Train Station

One of the landmark to snake cafe is WEGO. If you see this, just go further down, and you will come to this restaurant name Ichiran Ramen. The snake cafe is just around there.


snake cafe landmark
Go further down from WEGO
The entrance of Snake Cafe

for map, please click here > Tokyo Snake Center

Last but not least, please enjoy the following video taken during my visit to the snake cafe! See you next post ≧◡≦


Online Reservation! Click>>>

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