Airport transfer (part 2)

If you had not read part 1 on airport transfer from Narita airport, please check it out here for more information on different types of airport transfers, their prices, and estimated travel time.

To continue, I would like to write about how to travel to Narita airport from Tokyo. There is not much different on the available transports between going from and going to Narita airport. You have many options if your departure time (from Tokyo) is around 6am ~ 6pm. This list includes Tokyo shuttle bus (Keisei bus), limousine bus, Access Narita (JR bus), Keisei skyliner, Keisei access express (there are only 7 services running from 5.39pm), Keisei main line, JR Narita line, JR Sobu (rapid service), and/or Narita express. However, if your flight is not during that time frame (like mines), I think it is better to spend sometime planning to make sure you will be on time for your flight!

Mid night departure 

The earliest available is the 1.10am Access Narita bus. However, this one is a female-only bus (with an exception of boy under 6 y.o) so be careful, male travelers! There is another Access Narita bus departs at 1.20am so there would not be a problem for the guys. Tokyo shuttle (Keisei) bus provides 3 mid night services, departing from Tokyo station. The first Tokyo shuttle bus is at 1.30am, with an interval of 20 minutes each. It should take approximately 65~ 75 minutes to the airport depends on your terminal. I have noticed that these buses do not stop at terminal 1, perhaps it is because there is no flight departing during mid night in terminal 1. Limousine bus also provides 1 service at 1am from Ikebukuro station west exist (1.30am from Shinjuku station west exist) to terminal 3 only.

Early morning departure 

At 4.10am, there is Access Narita bus departs from Tokyo station. Keisei bus‘s first service to the airport starts at 4.15 am from Tokyo station, with an interval of 15-20 minutes/ bus. More limousine buses depart from Shinjuku station, with the first one at 5.45am, so if you could not find many limousine bus services near your place, it might be better to go to Shinjuku to get on one.

The first Keisei main line 
is at 5.03am from Ueno station. Please note that this is not an express so it will stop at every stations along the line. JR Sobu line (rapid service) departs from Tokyo station at 5.04am. Keisei skyliner provides services from 5.58am from Ueno station, while Narita express runs from 6.18am from Tokyo station.

Night departure

The last limousine bus is the 6pm bus from Shinjuku station west gate. Access Narita bus last departure is 6.10pm from Tokyo station. Different from these two, Tokyo shuttle bus runs until 9pm. However, from there is only 1 service/ hour from 8pm.

Keisei skyliner last train is at 6.20pm departing from Ueno station. Narita express (departing from Tokyo station) provides services until 8.03pm. After that, you can transfer to Ueno/ Nippori station for other Keisei’s services. The last Access express  is at 9.40pm (from Ueno station); and the last main line going to Narita terminal 1 station is at 11pm.

You can read more about Narita Express here


Photo credit: JR East website

In general, buses are cheaper but take more time. I highly recommend Tokyo shuttle bus if you don’t have much luggage. With Tokyo shuttle bus, even if you missed your reserved time, you can always line up and get on the next bus without extra charge. Otherwise, the Limousine bus is convenient, especially because they drop and pick you up at your hotel! Only limousine bus stops at areas other than Tokyo.

Both Narita express and Skyline trains provide luggage storage area on each compartment so 1~3 suitcases/ person shouldn’t be a problem. However, other trains are conventional train, therefore no luggage space is available. You only have the space in front of you and it is suitable for people with only one suitcase (plus a small handbag or backpack). While other trains only provide services from stations in Tokyo 23 ward areas, Narita express allows you to get on at Takao station.

And that’s all from me this time. I hope these information would be useful to everyone.

See you next blog!

*Buses go to terminal 2 then terminal 1 then terminal 3 (with certain exceptions)
*Trains go to terminal 2 to terminal 1. There is no train station in terminal 3 so please walk from terminal 2 train station (5~10 minutes)
*The written time is approximated and subjected to change without prior notice







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