Planning a trip to Japan by HAnavi [1]

Recently, we have received an inquiry from our customers in Singapore to help planning her next trip to Japan on our online chat system. We thought it might be useful to share the story with you.

Let’s call our customer Felicia.

Felicia and her friend, Benny are planning to have their holiday gateway to Japan. This is their first time coming to Japan in spring and they would like to enjoy the sakura season. However, they cannot travel until mid April due to personal reasons.


Not only Felicia, many tourists want to see sakura flower but unable to come to Japan during March. Nonetheless, the sakura season from late March to early April only applies to famous place such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka in Kansai and Kanto region.

Sakura season in northern part of Japan come much later because of weather condition. Therefore, even if you came to Japan mid to late April, it is possible to see beautiful sakura flower. All you need to do is direct your trip up to the northern area.

Mt. Yotei in Hokkaido and Sakura

Felicia also wants to visit Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, so together we came up with the following plan.



17th April~20 April: Tokyo

21 April ~ 23 April: Hokkaido

23 April ~ 24 April: Osaka

25 April: Kyoto

26 April: Tokyo- Singapore


From here you can see that they need to travel a lot. And as a backpacker, they would like to find something that are value for money.

The first thing that came in mind was JR PASS ( ALL region ). The selling price for one week pass is 338 SGD per person. Well it is quite cheap as you can travel by bullet train unlimitedly, plus the pass covered almost every region of Japan.

However, one way trip by train from Tokyo to Hokkaido takes approximately 13 hours. The same goes for Hokkaido to Osaka. Although the trip is covered by JR pass, it is time inefficient.

With a tight schedule and point of interests across Japan, especially when you trips include the far north or southern region of Japan, it is recommended to take flights. The only problem with air ticket is that they can be quite expensive depends on the seasons. Commonly everything gets a little more expensive during Sakura season




From our experience, there are many customers having similar problems. That is why, we would like to introduce our best-seller, Hanavi.

Available through hisgo website, Hanavi will help you to look for cheap air ticket and accommodation during your time in Japan. As it is not a tour package, you are free to travel and explore at your own pace.

If you think that planning the destination to travel around is too headache, we do have another option which come in package.

First, have a look at this website;

HAnavi preset list 

Although this page is only available in HIS Thailand website, tourist from other countries (except Japan) can still purchase it as it is available in English version as well. All you have to do is just select according to the course available. Isn’t it pretty easy & convenient?

Not only Tokyo, Osaka or Sapporo, you can travel all the way to Okinawa, Fukuoka, Hiroshima and even Toyama to see the snow wall.




Too bad, as I lived in Japan, I can’t buy HAnavi products as it’s only available for people who is in Japan on a temporary visiting visa.


Tomorrow we will explain more about how to book the tour package, stay tuned!



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2 thoughts on “Planning a trip to Japan by HAnavi [1]

  1. My friends n i would like to go japan, from 11/3/16 to 20/3/16. There are about 8 pf us. We plan to visit hokkaido. Please advise. Tq


    1. hi! sorry for late reply

      Please read our next post about how to make a reservation.
      link :

      Since you have 8 people, you might have to divide your reservation to 2 lots, 4 and 4 since the maximum pax for per one reservation is 6 ppl.

      I just did a demo search and the cheapest fare is Adult:SGD 520/person, round trip flight and hotel 8 nights included.

      Price will change based on which hotel you choose and flight time reference. if you have question, please feel free to contact me again.


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