Food guide in Dotonbori, Osaka

Being know as ‘Japan’s kitchen’ Osaka is famous for their delicious original unique dishes. Osaka people are known for their passion with good food and have a very high standard.

Talking about Kansai, Osaka is the first name comes to everyone who has a passion for food! As a Japanese food’s fan I came to Osaka with high expectation for their famous original dishes.


Located in the center of Osaka is Dotonbori -the gourmet street here, this street is next to Shinsaibashi-the shopping street so it is always full of tourists and local people. If you are going to Osaka, this is the place you have to go!


Dotonbori Street


Famous Glico sign in Dotonbori



I eat quite a lot, but in Osaka, I ate even more!

Everytime I walked out the street, the smell of food always make my mouth watering, the colorful inviting signs everywhere even make harder to resist.

Enough with the story, here is what i get after 4 days travelling (or eating) in Osaka, food that you can not miss in Dotonbori!! 

Of course you can not miss the Okonomiyaki in Osaka! Along with Takoyaki, this is the most famous dish in Osaka. You can eat Okonomiyaki everywhere but the best one must be in Osaka

You can find a lot of budget Okonomiyaki restaurant here, the price range from 800-1200 yen/ one okonomiyaki. My recommendation is Yakisoba (japanese noodles) Okonomiyaki, with melted cheese as topping and pork very yummy !

Seafood Okonomiyaki


The next one is Takoyaki, Osaka significant dish. Takoyaki with cheese on top



Original Takoyaki with green onion on top. The left one is xiumai – the meatball

Next is the icecream melon bread. Crunchy melon pan with soft and sweet vanila ice cream filling, very nice texture


Ramen, you can find ramen everywhere in Japan but here in Osaka the ramen has stepped up to a new different level. You will know how different the ramen here the moment you walk pass a ramen stall. They give out a very delicious smell that make anyone walk by has to stop and sniffing. The broth is thicker and well seasoned I have tried almost every ramen stalls in Dotonbori and came to a conclusion that each of them is good and different from each other, so, you should try all too !!





The cone.

There is a store that sell authentic flavored cone in Dotonbori that you can find easily. Their flavor is very authentic, not artifical, and it comes with good price too.

This one is match flavor




Custard cream cake

They are sold in the same shop that sell ice cream. I just can say that they are so good that me and my friend decide to to come back several times later. And it was so cheap, less than 100 yen for a cake filled with warm creamy custard !




The crab


The famous crab dishes in Osaka, there are a lot of famous store if you want to buy this dish, the price is a bit high but sure is worth it!

Interesting Chinese dumpling bicycle


Of course there are a lot of good food in Osaka that I can’t mention all here, you can make your all little venture when you go to Osaka too!!

Don’t forget and drop by TIC for more information and guidance!!!

See you in next blog!!


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