One day at Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchiko


While many of you chose to go Hatsumode for a first visit to the shrine for the new year, I went to Mt.Fuji on January 1st.


The weather was so lovely, sunny with no clouds at all.

The bus departed from Shinjuku West exit bus terminal at 10.10 and arrived at Kawaguchiko station at 11.30. Departure time is not too early for an not-so-early riser like me.


Fuji san as I arrived at Kawaguchiko station



From the bus stop, it takes 10-15 min on foot to Kawaguchiko excursion ship “En Soleil” port.

It costs 930 yen for one adult and 470 yen for children. One ride takes 20 mins. The scenery is just awesome.




Lake Kawaguchiko


I was very lucky that the sky was clear. Fuji san is clearly visible. I know many people who went to Fuji san when the weather was bad and end up seeing nothing but clouds.

After a short trip on the cruise, I took a ride on MT KACHI-KACHI ROPE WAY to enjoy the scenery from the top.






There! Kawaguchiko and Fuji san!!







You can buy both the cruise and rope way tickets at a discount price of 1,240 yen (if you purchase separately it will be 1,630 yen). Tickets are also available at Kawaguchiko station.

I took the Fujikyu train back to Fujisan station. One ride 230 yen. We can see fuji san from Fujikyu station as well.




Where did you go on your new year holiday?


Original Story by Naveen

Edited by Monthly


4 thoughts on “One day at Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchiko

  1. Hi, may i know if en-soleil + ropeway ticket can buy at Kawaguchiko Sta at the same day we are going? Mean purchase the ticket in the morning before depart. Thanks =)


  2. Wonderful post and pictures. I spent three days in lake Kawaguchiko area in Cherry blossom in April,16 and it was a treat to watch. I visited many places along with Chureito Pagoda. Viewing sunrise from the top and walking along banks of lake are best activities to do in lake Kawaguchiko area in my opinion. Check my experience and some amazing photographs on my blog post.


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