Real Escape Game that will Blow Your Mind!

To all Japanese horror movie lovers!

I have something fantastic to share with you (≧∇≦)/

Last week, I was invited by my friend to explore ‘The Real Escape Game’ produced by SCRAP, the pioneers of real-life escape games across the globe. Although this was not my first time to experience such an adventure game as I had tried several times back in Malaysia, the one here in Japan was much more exciting. Alright, before I share about how exciting the game is, let me share with you a brief history of the real-life room escape.

The origin of real-life room escape was created in the year of 2006 and it expanded quickly to other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc.  It is a type of physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room and have to use the elements of the room to find clues and solve some puzzles to escape the room within a time limit. To make it more real and interesting, usually the game will have some background story.

‘The Real Escape Game’ produced by SCRAP is actually a brand new version of Real Escape Game that successfully overcomes all language barriers. Before I went for this game, I was kind of worried as my Japanese language skill is not that good. Fortunately, my worries were solved because none of the puzzles in the game requires knowledge of Japanese language! All we need is our quick-wittedness and instincts!

At the moment, there are 3 games available in the Asakusa branch, which is Escape from The RED ROOM, Escape from the Haunted Manor and TOKYO METRO The Underground Mysteries. However due to limited time, I only managed to try the first and second games mentioned above.

How to get there 


Get off at Asakusa station Exit no. 4


Once you get off from exit 4, you will see the Asahi building… cross Azumabashi road and you will see the intersection.

Turn right there.


about 5-7 mins walk from the station


When we arrived and finished with registration, we were lead to the locker space to put our bags and belongings as mobile phones or anything with a light are not allowed to bring into the room!

This is how the entrance looks, blue mosaic building!
We need to change our shoes to the given slippers before entering the room
the locker area
Even blankets are provided to keep yourself warm in the room, how thoughtful are they!

Escape from The RED ROOM

After we have settled with our belongings, the game began. We started with Escape from The RED ROOM.

Instructions given by the English speaking staff before the game starts

My friends and I, total 6 persons in a team were locked in the RED ROOM. Seriously the whole room is painted in red! Such a vibrant color. LOL!

As we were surrounded by the RED WALLs only, there were no puzzles or codes around us (>_<)> , we need to find ways to unlock 2 doors and escape, or we will be splashed by red paint !

Can you imagine how difficult it is? We were given 30 minutes to complete the whole game. However, we could not manage to complete the game even though we had extended the game (* ̄m ̄) Believe me or not, it was really challenging! Obviously it is not because of the language barrier because the staff speaks good English to give us the clue. By following the clear instructions given by the staff, we finally made it to escape from the room, but it was not within the time limit, so we FAILED! T_T

Escape from the Haunted Manor

Next, we moved on to the Haunted Manor, the MOST recommended game for horror movie lovers!

Only if the ghost is so cute (#^.^#)

We were to infiltrate a spooky haunted manor as an investigator, rumored to be the hideout of criminals behind a series of missing cases. In the haunted manor, we were supposed to solve the mystery in order to get the key and escape from the place.

Everything from the story line, place setting, music to the Ghost appearing in the game, were FANTASTICALLY TERRIFYING! It was as real as the true horror and scary scene.  My group members and I were shrieking non-stop and at the end, we had bad sore throats after the game! However, we failed to complete this game too because it was really horrifying! Even a big fan of Japanese Horror Movies like me had terrible goosebumps.

How to purchase the Ticket?

Online Reservation! Click>>> 2,300 yen per person

* Please take note that if the Advance Tickets are sold out online, you may not be able to purchase the walk in Door Ticket as well because there are limited number of participants for each time slot.

Session Timings & Duration

Open almost everyday (you may check the time slot available from the website homepage).

Session timings:

  • 3 sessions per day > 12pm/ 2pm/ 5pm 

(these session timings are same for weekdays & weekends)

Session Duration:

  • 50~60 minutes (inclusive of briefing & debriefing)

*Registration for each session starts 10 minutes before the session, please be there at least 15 minutes before the time slot.

How to Get There?


1 Chome-17-2 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tōkyō-to 130-0001 Japan


5-minute walk from Asakusa Ginza Line (Metro), Exit 4 7-minute walk from Toei Asakusa Line, Exit A3


See you next blog (*^▽^*)

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7 thoughts on “Real Escape Game that will Blow Your Mind!

    1. I was one of the 6 friends who went with Lisa. My heart was beating so fast I felt like it will break our of my chest.
      I have never heard of Crimson room, how’s it like?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. it looks fairly similar. just online version vs actual physical escape game

        i was never a fan of horror movie. haunted manor scared the shit out of me, literately


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