Hokkaido Tour – ASAHIYAMA ZOO –

Have you heard of Asahiyama zoo in Hokkaido?

This zoo is probably the most popular zoo in Japan. It is famous for the penguin parade in winter and many more arctic animals such as polar bears and ear less seals.

Let’s go to the Asahiyama-zoo together on this blog!

The famous penguin parade in winter


Let’s walk around the zoo!

Have you ever seen a giraffe on snow?


Isn’t it amazing? Giraffes are supposed to be a warm climate animal but they are free to roam in their house full of snow.

It looks freezing to me!



It will take 3-4 hours at least to walk around the zoo.

My favorite is of course, the superstar, polar bear and ear less seal named “Sora” (means sky in Japanese)




The highlight of Asahiyama zoo are the displays. This transparent vertical tunnel is very unique. When the polar bear comes into this tube, you can feel very close to him.

If you timing is good, you can take photo and look as if you are hugging the bear ♪

Me hugging the empty tube lol



Feel as if you are walking on the ocean floor in the tunnel in the aquarium!



Why not try this and feel the ocean?

You can enjoy any display in Asahiyama zoo.

Start with the signboard for each kind of animal,



This signboard was displayed in the snake house. Many snakes move above your head, so this signboard draws attention to there.

In the penguin’s chateau, you can see many photos of so many kinds of penguins of the world. The floor is designed like a world map.

There are some handmade boards. They make us unwind and the hand-written pictures are so cute.

Unfortunately, the boards are written in Japanese only…



Many of you might be planning to attend the snow festival in Sapporo in February. Why not take a day trip to Asashiyama zoo.

It will  be worthy of your time, I promise!


– How to get there-

from Sapporo;

train : take Super Kamui from Sapporo Sta. to Asahikawa Sta.(¥4290 )

and take bus at 5th coach to Asahiyama zoo(¥440 )

or you can use the Asahiyama zoo daytour plan (Japanese only) by JR

bus : take Ryuhyo Monbetsu bus from Sapporo Sta.’s front bus terminal to Asahikawa central bus terminal (¥2060 )

Then go to Asahikawa Sta’s front bus terminal and take bus from 5th coach to Asahiyama zoo(¥440)


from Asahikawa;

train :

take direct bus from Asahikawa Airport to Asahiyama zoo (¥500)


Asahiyama zoo day tour operated by hisgo by bus (4,900yen)

Please check the details below;





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