YUKATA Experience with a Reasonable Price

When talking about Japanese traditional garments, besides Kimono which we have mentioned in the earlier post (click here for more info), I am pretty sure that you have seen Yukata either from a drama, comic or anime.

Basically, Yukata looks similar to Kimono., hence foreigners often mistake Yukata as Kimono. Today I would like to share with you briefly about the differences of Kimono & Yukata.


Kimono is a traditional style of dress that became part of the normal Japanese wardrobe back in Muromachi period.

Normal everyday use kimono


However, today only a small percentage of Japanese wear kimono every day because Kimono are expensive and difficult to put on. Therefore, most of the Japanese wear Kimono only during special & formal occasion such as a wedding ceremony & etc.


Formal attire Furisode kimono


Yukata is a casual kimono-like garment worn during summer because the fabric of Yukata is thinner and more breathable. Hence, Yukata are popular for summer events such as firework festivals. Simply put, Yukata is a summer kimono. 

Friends of mine from Thailand would like to experience with Yukata dress-up during their visit in Tokyo. However as most of them are students, they have a tight budget on that. Luckily we have Yukata dress-up rental with reasonable prices at our Tourist information centers.

Yukata rental for male & female which cost 550 yen per person!!!

Once you have put on the Yukata, the store assistant will help you to snap as many pictures as you like within the 1 hour duration using your own mobile phone or digital camera.

Of course, during the 1 hour duration, you may also stroll around the Shinjuku area with the Yukata on.





Yukata Rental Cost:

550 yen per person (duration 1 hour)




H.I.S Tourist Information Center (Shinjuku Head Office)

1F South gate Shinjuku Building 5-33-8 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0051

for map, please click here


Operation Hour:

11:00-19:30 (Mon-Fri), 11:00-18:30 (Sat), 11:00-18:00 (Sun and Public holiday)

Telephone Number:

03-5360-4891 (From Japan)

For optional tour reservations and inquiries, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information centers in Tokyo.




8 thoughts on “YUKATA Experience with a Reasonable Price

  1. Its look so interesting for me. During 16-18 I will stay at shinjuku sunroute plaza hotel, is its far from my hotel? And i have to book in advance or not?


  2. Do u have kimonos for rental at the Shinjuku branch ? If so, how much does it cost ? Also do u have Yukata or kimono for kids ?


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