Selfie with Kawaii & Flawless Face

Purikura is fun, interactive and cute! Japanese people love cute things hence caters to that love. It is a popular activity among Japanese teenagers & young adults and of course, it is also an ideal dating activity for young couples too ❤

Now, what is purikura? Check it out!

Hi Selfie lovers!

Purikura is shortened from purintokurabu or Print Club (in English). This famous kawaii culture has been a popular activity in Japan for a very long time.

Purikura is actually a digital photo sticker booth which was introduced to Japanese arcades in the mid-90s.

As I said, it is fun, interactive & cute!


If you have visited Japan before, I am sure you saw this kind of digital photo sticker booth almost everywhere in Japan.

Any place you can find an arcade (game centre), you will most likely be able to find Purikura too. However, most of the Purikura booths are only available in Japanese.

Here, I would like to share with you how-to Purikura.


1) Hop in a Purikura shop

Purikura machines are available at most of the arcades, foyer of karaoke places, shopping centres, clubs & etc.

cimg5539_meitu_2 (2)
This Purikura shop is located at Takeshita-dori, Harajuku
you may walk around to choose your favorite booth 🙂

2) Choose your desired photo booth

There are multiple choices with different effects. (All the machines have advertising pictures on the outside of the booth to show you the  “selling point” of that machine)

outside the machine booth with all the ‘selling points’

3) Get your coins ready

Machines are usually 400 yen, but sometimes the older ones are cheaper.

a coin exchange machine is available at almost all the Purikura Shops

4) Dress-up & Make-up

Dress  yourself up with desired costumes /hair & make-up touch ups. (Rentals for cute & special costumes such as santa costume & make-up tools are available at some of the Purikura shops)


p/s: some of the costumes are FOC too 🙂

these are the FOC costumes
tons of free props for the photo session (^o^)v
Hair styling tools such as hair straightener & curling tongs are available for rental too!
plenty of make-up tools are available for you to  touch-up your look before photo-shooting session
if If you would like to rent a special costume or make-up tools, you first have to buy the ticket through the machine & pass it to the shop assistants.
so we have decided to go for maid costume *^_^*

5) Let’s start & pose!


TIP! As the machine proceeds with a time limit, get your coats and bags off and out of the way before you put your coins in. Once you have inserted the coins, the photo shooting session will begin right after you have press the ‘start’ button on the screen.

get ready & start!


6) Decorate your Purikura

Once you are done with the photo-shooting part, you will be required to move to the outside of the booth to edit the pictures by hand. This is the fun part where you can decorate your Purikura according to your creativity through the given touch screen ~(^o^)~

Even if you did the photo shooting session without putting on any make-up, the Purikura machines can help to enhance your look with excellent effects such as brightening, smooth skin, larger eyes & sharpened chin. Isn’t it awesome?

Besides enhancing your look, you can add cute stamps such as hearts, stars, sparkles, hats, sunglasses, etc. Pre-written messages for special seasons/ occasions are available too, for example birthday, X’mas, Valentine’s & etc.


let’s start decorating
enhancing the ‘eye’ area
if you have no idea which to choose, going for the recommended option(おすすめ) will never get you wrong!
next, move on with the skin tone (again, we went for the recommended option)
put on your blushers & lipsticks ❤
you may choose different backgrounds for each picture


various cute stamps~
pre-written messages with seasonal stamps
don’t forget to add your name & date~



7) Final options & print your Purikura

After you are done with decorating, choose the print layout. Usually print layouts are divided by the number of people. If you are not sure, you may go for the recommended option(おすすめ).

Once you have finished your options, you will be directed to go to the print corner to collect your Purikura~

once you are done with decorating, choose how


if you have a Japanese mobile phone, you can have one (or sometimes more) of the pictures sent to your mobile email. You will have to enter your mobile email address and choose your desired photo to proceed.

print out section out side the photo booth
most Purikura shops have scissors attached to the table in case you would like to exchange the pictures with your friends. If there isn’t one, you may ask at the information counter “sumimasen, hasami arimasu ka?” (Excuse me, do  you have scissors?)
Tadaa! our newly printed Purikura v(^o^)v

I hope you liked this post & Purikura is something that you shouldn’t miss if you visit Japan!

I hope this helps!

See you next blog & good day!

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