Snowy day in Tokyo

Yesterday (2016-01-18)

The first snow totally crippled Tokyo’s transportation. ANA called off more than 30 flights, Japan airlines 119 flights and not to mention JR East suspended Chuo-line rapid service.

Read more on Asahi newspaper

It took me 3 hours compared to the regular 45 mins to travel from my home to the office. I could say, it was probably the worst morning of my life. The train from my house was operating but only 30% of regular service. As you might know, even on a good day, the rush hour trains in Tokyo are quite horrifying already. Imagine only 30% of normal service running, what a total nightmare!


10 cm snow at 6.30 in the morning



The rain started pouring, melting snow –> slippery road

The routine walk from home to the station felt like it took forever.



Snow in Shinjuku




What happened was, the train was so crowded I couldn’t get on. I waited at the platform. One train arrived, too packed, another train arrived, too packed and 10 trains went by, I still couldn’t get on! OMG!!!

Two years ago, back in February 2014, a snow creature invaded Tokyo. Then I managed to snap some photos. We got more than 30 cm snow fall over night.






Many of you might wonder, it snows a lot in the northern parts of Japan e.g. Hokkaido or Tohoku region but the train is operating as usual. Why is there such a chaos in Tokyo? You might not know this but it doesn’t snow very often in Tokyo so this was a very unusual phenomenon.

Trains in Tokyo weren’t made to endure snow. Since the temperature is never below zero during the day. Once the snow starts to melt, the train tracks became very slippery making it very dangerous. In Hokkaido, since snow is expected in winter, the train company is totally capable of handling the snow no matter how much falls.




According to the weather forecast, Tokyo is expecting another snowy day  this Saturday January 21st, 2015.

What you need are a pair of water-proof boots, a good umbrella and a snowman!


Stay warm everyone!




2 thoughts on “Snowy day in Tokyo

  1. That’s incredible, and here I am in the prealps of northern Italy, waiting for our turn to get a lot of snow. It is so strange not to see any of the white stuff on the mountain tops surrounding Lake Como. The coldest temperature thus far where I live is only -4°C. Keep warm!


    1. It’s unusually warm in tokyo this year too. I didn’t feel like it’s winter at all until recently. We don’t have any day below zero yet so far!

      You too, please stay warm!


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