Vending machines in Japan

Vending machines are something that can be spotted almost anywhere around the world.

However, common vending machines usually specialize in bottled/ canned drinks. They are a fast and convenient way to get a chilled drink on the go. Well, Japan always take things to a different level, and vending machines aren’t an exception.

Maybe it’s because of the busy lifestyle here, but people are highly motivated to come up with convenient products. Let’s explore the unusual vending machines that are only available in Japan.



Drink vending machine

The great thing about drink vending machines in Japan is that when the weather turns cold, from 1/3 to half of the drinks will be heated to warm you up (especially in this kind of weather).

The ones with a red label (saying あたたかい) are hot drinks and those with a blue label (つめたい) are cold drinks.


Banana & mango vending machine


There are packed bananas/ mangoes as well as fresh bananas!
I wonder how these bananas are kept fresh? And how often do they need to change/re-stock the products.


Gachapon-style vending machine



This is something very rare. I spotted this gachapon vending machine in Yokohama station platform on the way to the shrine on New Year.

Most of us must have heard or seen the normal gachapon but definitely not something like this. I even saw quite a few Japanese taking photo of this vending machine.


Cup coffee on the go



There are both chilled and hot coffee, and hot and iced chocolate/ cocoa.

This machine has everything from cappuccinos to lattes, from hot chocolate to white chocolate mocha.

The mini-convenience store 



Who needs to line up in a convenience store while these vending machines are selling the same products, without a queue! Bread, bento, sandwiches, salad, cup noodles, plus

12633004_1221986747817391_200580191_o (1)



Potato chips, chocolates, chewing gum, energy bars and ready to go drinks.

I wish my university back home had vending machines selling cup noodles on campus!!!


Have you seen any strange vending machines in Japan or other countries?




4 thoughts on “Vending machines in Japan

  1. Vending machines in Italy aren’t anything like those cutting-edge ones in Japan, but my favorite is the one that sells raw fresh milk (unpasterized), fresh yogurt and cheese.


    1. I think it’s because labor cost in Japan is so expensive that’s why many companies come up with fancy vending machine to save cost.
      It seems like a bit investment at first but in a long tern it’s really worth the price.

      I love banana vending machine! healthier choice even when I am busy!


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