Top 10 Yukimi Onsen in Japan

If you haven’t read about the onsen manners in our previous blogpost, feel free to check it out here!! Onsen manner

Yuki-mi (雪見) comes from the word yuki – snow and mi – to see, to watch. So “Yuki-mi onsen” is the outdoor hot spring where you can take a bath while enjoying the winter scenery outside.

How romantic is that? Yep, very <3<3<3


Kinosaki hot spring town in Hyogo prefecture ©Toyooka City/©JNTO


Winter is the best season for enjoying hot springs. Why? When it’s cold outside, what is better than soaking yourself in warm water? Bathing in the onsen will keep your body warm for several hours, not to mention it will help smooth your skin. Many health benefits have been proven in many research studies.

Via SNS, our fans voted on the public opinion polls and we came up with the top 10 on the list as following:

  1. [Gifu] Okuhida hot spring 【岐阜県】奥飛騨温泉
  2. [Akita] Nyuto hot Spring 【秋田県】乳頭温泉
  3. [Gumma] Kusatsu hot spring 【群馬県】草津温泉
  4. [Hokkaido] Jozankei Hot spring 【北海道】定山渓温泉
  5. [Yamanashi] Ginzan Onsen 【山形県】銀山温泉
  6. [Gifu] Gero Onsen 【岐阜県】下呂温泉
  7. [Okayama] Hakkei Onsen 【岡山県】湯原温泉
  8. [Hokkaido] Noboribetsu Onsen 【北海道】登別温泉
  9. [Nagano] Nozawa Onsen 【長野県】野沢温泉
  10. [Gumma] Manza Onsen 【群馬県】万座温泉


This time, not only the famous areas such as Hokkaido is on the list but also some less well-known prefectures such as Gumma, Okayama and Akita.

Surprisingly, No 1 on the poll is Okuhida onsen in Gifu. I know Gifu but have never heard of Okuhida onsen before. Now I have a reason to visit Gifu!


Top 3 on our list 

  1. Okuhida Onsen, Gifu 


【2】【岐阜県】 奥飛騨温泉郷 平湯 匠の宿 深山桜庵_宿より



2. Nyuto onsen, Akita 



3. Kusatsu onsen, Gumma

【6】【群馬県】草津温泉 ホテル一井.jpg




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