Welcome home, Master! 

Last week, as a blogger I was invited to visit one of the most popular maid cafes in Japan, Maidreamin in Akihabara.



JR Akihabara station 




Exit from Akihabara station electronic town gate, and just a few steps away!




The cafe is on the 6th floor.




I have always wanted to visit a maid cafe while I’m in Japan so it was such a great chance for me! After 3 hours, I had to admit that the ‘moe’ power is real!

Usually you are not allowed to take photos in a maid cafe. However, as a blogger, I got special permission ;P

What does it look like? From the outlook it is just like a regular cafe.







Recently, maid cafes have become more popular to general customers. Many of us have the image that maid cafe is only for otaku guys but, surprisingly, female customers have been increasing in the past few years.

The menu is very well presented and available in 11 languages.







I remember when visiting Japan for the first time, I wanted to try going to a maid cafe but the moment the elevator stopped on the floor of the cafe, the overwhelming friendliness of the maids scared me, so I immediately closed the door and ran away (the cafe I went to four years ago is probably a different one).

Pick one of these cute headbands, I was a bear and my friend was a rabbit!





However, Maidreamin’s atmosphere is very relaxing. Plus, since last year, they removed the time limit per visit so you can stay as long as you want to and enjoy the warm services. Instead, an entrance fee of 500 yen on weekdays before 5pm or 800 yen after 5pm, and on weekends allow you unlimited time at the cafe.

Different from ordinary cafes, maid cafes focus on providing entertainment and hospitality services. Once you are in a maid cafe, you are not their customer but their master/ mistress. Just imagine having such a cute little maid at your table.






There are 4 things you should not miss when visiting a maid cafe:

1.Draw-able food/ drink (~1300 yen)
The most popular dish that most maid cafes around the world have, omurice (omelette rice)







I have been to a few themed cafes in Japan and although the settings and services are wonderful, their food on the other hand was so-so.

But both me and my colleagues agreed that the omurice at Maidreamin tasted unexpectedly yummy. Maidreamin has 4 different sauces for omurice. My favorite so far is white (cream) sauce. If you prefer sukiyaki over shabu-shabu, then the white sauce which gives a light sweet taste is perfect for you!
You can ask the maid at your table to draw on your omurice or drink. Most of them look too cute to eat!




And of course, don’t forget the maid chant that makes your food even more delicious

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆   Oishikunare~ Moe Moe Kyuuuun ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆





2. Request a live performance of your favorite maid (~1200 yen)

This is something many maid cafes outside Japan don’t have. While live performances are not uncommon, requesting a maid to perform to you and for you only is different.






A maid needs to be able to dance at least 3 songs before they can start working at the cafe, and yet, none of the moves are simple.

You must see it to feel the efforts these girls put in their work. Some of them can even sing for you, with the most kawaii voice in the world that will definitely melt your heart ❤


3.Cute desserts (~800 yen)
Well, I’m a fan of sweet and cute things so desserts at Maidreamin are just perfect for me.




Besides that, they are very yummy!!!



This adorable bunny was also drawn by the maids themselves.



4.Photo with your favorite maid (~500 yen)
A common rule in all maid cafes is that no photos are allowed. But don’t worry, you can take two Polaroid shots with your requested maid(s) for as little as 500 yen.

She was our host so we got a group photo with her 😉




In total, it would cost around 4,700 yen plus tax.

However, we have a special offer for only our customers for 3,500 yen plus tax so that you can fully experience this kawaii culture of Japan.

Our food tour includes;

  • entrance fee (800 yen),
  • one dish/ dessert 1300~yen
  • one drink (draw-able cappuccino/ specific alcoholic)
  • live performance request
  • light stick (pen light)
  • polaroid


We also sell cafe tickets at 1500 yen, in which the only difference is that food/ dessert is not included.
There is no need to make a reservation for your visit with our tour package, but as Maidreamin is especially crowded on the weekends and Friday evenings,  it’s advised you  email our staffs so we can make sure you won’t end up lining up the whole day and not be able to get in.

Online Reservation! Click>>>

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8 thoughts on “Welcome home, Master! 

  1. Great photos ! We can really feel all the effort the girls put into their work.
    This place seems to have a more relaxed atmosphere and way cheaper prices than @home cafe
    My question is: do you offer this tour package for all the maidreamin cafe locations or just the main shop in Akihabara ?
    (I’m asking because I really loved the inside look of their Sunshine Road shop in Ikebukuro)


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