An inside view of a job at Maid Cafes

I have previously introduced one unique part of Japanese pop culture, the Maid Cafes. They are cute, way too cuteee <3, fun, and the food is yummy too.

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Well, I’m sure anyone who pays a visit will know that. But maid cafes are not only about cute girls taking orders, serving food and dancing in maid costumes.

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I have always thought that maid cafes tend to be overpriced, but once I heard the inside story, I feel like the price isn’t enough for the efforts these maids put into their work.

choose your maid!

It’s hard enough to pass the strict selection process, however, it’s even harder to become a real maid.

During your time as a maid, there is one thing that you must not forget. The moment you cannot fit into the one size uniform, you cannot continue being a maid. Therefore, these girls, while having school and social lives like others, need to be aware of their body image at all times.

welcome home, master!

Unlike other cafes, there is a lot of communication between the customer and the maid.

The merit of maid cafes is to make you feel like you have come home, where there are warm smiles and people who have no problem listening to the things you want to share. While doing a job of a waitress, the maids need to have excellent charisma skills in order to create conversation, which both them and the customer feel comfortable about.

let me draw your omelet with ketchup

Beside that, one should be able to draw, at least a basic cute picture.

Because sauce-drawing is the most unique feature of maid cafes, every customer will ask to have either their omurice or drink drawn on. And of course, it is unacceptable to say no in such a situation.

can you draw a rabbit for me?

Not only that, as there are stage performances in maid cafes, all the maids are required to dance. Once accepted, the maids need to start practicing dance performances.

One is not allowed to officially start the job until she can dance at least 3 full songs. The choreography is not some random moves but well-developed dance steps. However, 3 songs are just the minimum requirement.

stage performance, request based from customers

One must continue learning new songs from time to time, so that if she is requested to do a performance more than three times (by the same customer), she won’t end up repeating the same song.

There are pair/ group performances and solo performances. When the customer specially requests their favorite maid to dance, it is most likely that they want only the requested maid to dance for them.

Therefore, maids must be 100% confident about their performance as soon as possible.

sometimes, they also need to sing
and of course, singing while dancing!

Dance, sing, entertaining, not an easy task! Check out the video;)

To be honest, I think what they are doing is not much different from being an idol. The efforts they put into participating in dance lessons and even voice training are not something everyone can do.

she might look young but she is the manager!

However, I feel like the most difficult part of being a maid is how to get recognized. Not all maids are the same. There are three stages in total.

If you have been to Maidreamin a few times, you might have noticed there are different uniforms. When joining the team, one begins at the lowest level, which is marked by a fairly simple uniform. The maids will then gradually move up to the next stage. By this time, the uniform looks a lot cuter, with the signature pink ribbon in the middle.

Basic uniform without any ribbons or gems.


The second stage is actually divided into two levels, so until a gem is added onto the uniform, one cannot go to the final stage.

Sorry for my bias angle! I just love how cute they look while drawing ❤

Once they reach the last stage, the uniform becomes irresistibly cute

uniform for advance-experience maid

Only with this uniform, one gets to choose the color of the gem and petticoat (since she likes green, she chose the green petticoat and gem).

Can you believe that? it’s not quite as simple as you might think.

There are certain limitations on what one can do depending on their level. According to the manager, on average, it takes from 1 to 3 years for a new maid to get to the last level. The fastest one can move up the stages is around 7 months.

If it was me, I would not be able to spend that much power into my part-time job. But the maids, with their passion, have been dedicating endless amounts of time and effort, in order to give customers the best experience on the kawaii culture of Japan.

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