Chuo post office @Tokyo station

For those who have traveled to Japan using a JR pass, I am sure you are quite familiar with Tokyo station as it’s the main station to board the Shinkansen.

I’ve been to Tokyo station many times but mostly I was inside the station just to change trains, etc. There are so many shops, restaurants, and convenience stores under the station building, it’s almost like one very big shopping arcade.

Tokyo station, you can see the shinkansen platform on the right


The area surrounding Tokyo station is called the Marunouchi area. It’s a well known posh area of Tokyo. Yep, I said posh… or おしゃれ (o-sha-re) in Japanese. There are many skyscrapers, mostly office buildings, banks and financial companies, boutiques and luxurious restaurants.

After all these years in Tokyo, can you believe that I have never been to Marunouchi before (except Tokyo station) until last weekend. A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to the central post office with her. This post office opens on weekends as well.


Central post office in front of Tokyo station south exit


It takes about 20 mins from Shinjuku station to Tokyo station by Subway Marunouchi line. As soon as I got out from the south exit, I could see the post office building.

The building itself is very well preserved. It’s very unique among all the skyscrapers. In this building, there is also a new building which was recently built, called Kitte.

Since the word Kitte  (切手) in Japanese means stamp I assumed that this building is also owned by Japan Post.


ATM machines in the post office


Japan post offers not only shipping services but also has its own bank and insurance business. It’s a big company in Japan. I remember the first bank account I opened when I came to Japan was also Japan Post bank.

The ATM machine at JP post bank was the only one I could cash money from my debit card from home back then.



Not sure what to do? Use the machine to navigate (English available)
Japan post mascot, Post kuma (Post bear)


My friend wanted to come here to buy Tokyo Postcards. She has been looking for this set of postcards for a long time and was still missing a few.

According to her, there are 7 versions for Tokyo. There are more for other cities. Each city has their own postcards e.g. Kyoto has geisha version and Sapporo has a bear holding salmon. I have seen a few when I traveled but never really paid attention.

FYI : one postcard 165 yen


Tokyo postcards
All 7 available here at Chuo Post office


If you send the postcard within Japan, you can send it as it is.

However, if you send to overseas, you will need to put it in an envelope as the size of these postcards is not standard. Envelopes and stamps are available at the post office.


For standard postcards:

Domestic 52 yen stamp

Overseas 70 yen stamp

For these postcards, you will need to buy 90 yen stamp.


Tokyo postcards from Japan post



  • Shibuya scramble crossing
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Asakusa Sensoji
  • Ueno zoo
  • Tokyo station building
  • Tokyo Metropolitan building
  • National parliament office


These are really cute stamps for collectors;

Hello kitty
Mt. Fuji
Anime stamps


My friend was looking for this special stamp set. It seems that only 100,000 sets are available.

Price : 8000 yen



speciall stamp
Special stamps


Who would have thought that one can spend so much money at the post office shopping!


Next weekend, there will be a Valentine’s Day event organized by Japan Post on the B1 floor of Kitte building.

There will be several activities such as talk shows, meet&greet events and you can buy limited versions of stamps at this event.


The highlight is the love letter booth! Write a love letter to your loved one and send it from the event.

Double Decker Tokyo Sky bus


For foreigners only!

The first 80 people to fill in a simple questionnaire, will get a free Sky bus ticket  (1,860yen)!!


More information  click >>> Japan post  (Japanese only)






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