Nemuro Hanamaru Sushi

Hello everyone!

Last time, TIC blog introduced the conveyor belt sushi restaurant “Midori Sushi” in Shibuya. If you haven’t read it yet, click >> Midori sushi

This time, we want to introduce another sushi restaurant near Tokyo station, Nemuro Hanamaru sushi!

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Kaiten sushi Nemuro Hanamaru


Located on the 5th floor of the Kitte Building in front of Tokyo station;

Nemuro Hanamaru sushi :


Hanamaru is also a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Unlike other cheaper places, the sushi is made by chefs not by a sushi machine. It’s very popular among the Japanese. Recently, I started to see some foreigners there as well. Perhaps because of the location (very close to Tokyo station).

The price for a pair of sushi starts from 130 yen to 550 yen. Not bad at all!



Choose your sushi from the belt!
A little name tag lets you know the type of fish
From right to left : cheapest to most expensive
Self service green tea


If you want to order something that is not on the belt, you can ask for an English menu and write the number on the order form.

There is no need to write names such as tuna or salmon. Why? Because there are so many kinds of toppings using salmon. The chef might get confused.


If you are hungry right now, I suggest you skip the images below ;P


Salted Salmon Roe (320 Yen)
Aburi or grilled salmon
Regular salmon 190 yen
Winter fish, Abura kare


We paid 3xxx yen for 2 people, not so bad I think.

It was probably the best sushi I had in a long time!


If you would like to see Tokyo station, you can go up to the Sky garden. No admission fee!

Kitte Sky Garden
Tokyo station


Event information :


Next weekend, there will be a Valentine’s Day event organized by Japan Post on the B1 floor of Kitte building.


There are several activities such as talk shows, meet&greet events and you can buy limited versions of stamps at this event.

The highlight is the love letter booth! Write a love letter to your loved one and send it from the event.

Double Decker Tokyo Sky bus 


For foreigners only!

The first 80 people to fill in a simple questionnaire, will get a free Sky bus ticket  (1,860yen)!!

For more information, click >>> Japan post  (Japanese only)

See you next blog!




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