Feel the Nippon Vibes through Sushi Making Workshop at Robataya Ginmasa (炉端や銀政)

Robataya Ginmasa is a restaurant that caters specially for foreign visitors.

Here, you can experience making your own sushi with Japanese professional sushi masters and also taste the local exotic delights.

It is located in Roppongi. The nearest exit is EXIT 5.




Decorated with traditional paintings

This is the charm of Robataya Ginmasa! As you can see, it is well decorated with Japanese crafts. You also can take special authentic pictures with Oiran-san (the woman wearing kimono and traditional makeup).



The Sushi Master showed us how to cut the fish (Hirame) and there was a staff assisting the chef by translating for us. It is definitely an eye opening chance for you to learn more about Japanese cuisine.


The chef used three knifes, the knife especially for sushi, cutting fish, and a normal knife.

Chef cutting the fish
Burning the fish skin layer to preserve the freshness
Preparing the sushi rice and cutting the hirame fish into thin slices


After the gourmet presentation, it’s time to make your own sushi !!!!!


Our bloggers are really good at making sushi too. It is just a matter of time from amateur to pro sushi chef right? They also provide a guideline for how to make your own sushi. How thoughtful of them.



In this shop, you can taste not only sushi but other cuisines like tempura and hot pot too.

You can also learn how to make rolled sushi (maki sushi).





The restaurant also has various kinds of authentic Japanese sweets and tidbits for you.

For Muslims, this shop is not entirely Halal. However, according to the chef, for tourists that need Halal dishes, they can take special requests.

Please bear in mind that this shop is specially catered for foreign customers, so it’s better for you to call to make a reservation.

Snack and souvenir booth


Special price for tourist information center customers only :

3,500 JPY (original price 4,300 JPY)

Reservation : tic-tokyo@his-world.com —–> this experience is only limited until May 12th, 2016


How to get there



Bloggers : Alicia & Nila





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