Rabbit cafe Moff-Rell Akihabara

Tokyo is world famous for its selection of animal cafes.

Last month we introduced two, the owl cafe and snake cafe in Harajuku. If you haven’t read those posts, please check them out!

Owl cafe

Snake cafe

Today I want to introduce another animal cafe… bunny cafe!

Our blogger came across this cafe by chance when she was shopping in Akihabara. She ended up spending an hour there without realizing, totally in love with the rabbits.

Look at the photos, it’s no wonder why. Despite being a dog person, I’m now madly in love with rabbits too!




Rabbit cafe Moff-Rell

Nearest station : Akihabara (4 mins walk) Map>>

Opening hours : 12.00-21.00 everyday


  • 30 mins 1100 yen
  • 60 mins 1500 yen
  • extension 30 mins/600 yen (depends on availability)

This price includes unlimited drinks and 1 cup of rabbit treats




Exterior of the building



walk to 2nd floor



If you see this, you came to the right place, open the door and walk inside.



The board introduces the bunnies, … yes they all have names!

  • Chami chan
  • Ururu chan
  • Beru chan
  • Subika chan

and many more….








Choose your plan and order a drink. You can only have your drink outside of the rabbit zone. Change to slippers and put an apron on….


Rabbit cafe


According to the brochure, there are about 10 bunnies at this cafe. When I was there, there were 8 but the manager told me he plans to add 3 more next month.

Each side has 4 rabbits. Beware when you cross to the other side, the rabbit will try to escape. It was quite funny. You can let them cross over, so, be quick!



Rabbit cafe


I highly recommend this cafe. It’s new! (opened two months ago) and the bunnies are so friendly. They are used to people and not shy or timid at all. Actually, they climbed all over me and stole the food from my cup.

Naughty naughty boy!


Rabbit cafe


I took so many photos that my memory card was full and my phone battery died.

You can use the treats to lure the bunnies to come close to you. Well, even if you don’t use it, they will still climb all over you anyway.



Rabbit cafe


Rabbit cafe


Rabbit cafe


But please be careful to not pull the bunny’s ears, do not hold them, don’t chase them, always keep your voice low and most importantly do not use flash if you take photos.

I gave them treats, and pet them, and 30 mins went by faster than lightning.


Rabbit cafe


There were 3 kinds of rabbit at this cafe. I don’t know for sure but I think they are;

  • Holland Lop
  • Netherland Dwarf
  • Lion head


Rabbit cafe



Do you want to go home with me?


Rabbit cafe



Rabbit cafe
Rabbit cafe
Rabbit cafe



Rabbit cafe


Rabbit cafe
Rabbit cafe


Rabbit cafe



The staff will remind you when the time is almost up. You can choose to extend if you want depending on availability. If there are other customers waiting, you might not be able to extend the time.


Next blog I will write about another cafe in Akihabara, stay tuned for more updates!






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