How to Find our Tourist Information Center from Shinjuku Station

Even as a foreigner working here I can tell you what an absolute pain it is to try to navigate around the Dole Plantation that is the area around Shinjuku Station.

Just stepping out of the wrong exit will leave you circling the station endlessly trying to figure out where you went wrong.

After bumping into too many people and walking into too many stores to ask for directions, you’ll be on the verge of giving up all hope of ever getting to where you want to be.

Which is why today we’re going to simplify things for you and give you a detailed walk through of how to get to our tourist information center from Shinjuku Station 

Wohoo! This is gonna be so HELPFUL! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

At least with this you’ll always have a place where you know you can come in and ask for directions with somebody that speaks English (◕‿-)


Step ①

Get yourself to the SOUTH or the NEW-SOUTH exit!

Many people coming into Shinjuku often think that the south and new south exit are the same thing, and while they are close to one another, they are two different exits that can lead you out to completely different places. Behold, the SOUTH exit


and the NEW SOUTH exit


These two exits are across the road from each other but they have many other exits that can lead you out to completely different places so it’s best to decide on which one you’re going to come out of before tapping your SUICA card or inserting your ticket at the gate.


From the SOUTH exit

After exiting the south exit, you want to head in the direction towards the great white building with the “LUMINE” on the side.



Then you’ll see staircases and elevators which will take you down to a walkway beneath the bridge in the picture you see below.



Turn right and walk through that walkway underneath the bridge and you will see some pillars supporting the building on your right.

From there you should already be able to see the blue building on the corner of the street with the big H.I.S. on the side.



Keep walking towards that building until you come to a crossing that’s directly in front of it.




And Voila! You’ve braced a 2 minute walk from Shinjuku Station without getting lost or going crazy! v(=∩_∩=)フ


From the NEW SOUTH exit

The new south exit is slightly complicated since the whole structure is still undergoing construction, but it is actually closer to our information center than coming from the South exit.

First what you need to do is find the right exit in the New South gate. There is an exit there which leads out to the main road outside the station.


And as tempting as it is, DO NOT GO OUT THIS EXIT !


In the opposite direction of this exit, there is another exit leading out to a make-shift tunnel that looks like this:


Leave the station from this exit, turn left and walk towards TAKASHIMAYA Times Square direction.

Keep walking down the tunnel until you come to a set of escalators heading downstairs.


Take the escalators down and turn right at the tree.


From there you should arrive at the same sight as you would coming from the South exit where you can see the H.I.S. building.


Keep walking towards that building until you come to a crossing that’s directly in front of it.


And there you are!

Two fast and easy ways to get from Shinjuku Station’s SOUTH and NEW SOUTH exit to our Tourist Information Center without losing your way or your mind! Your welcome in advance~

By Annie

Edited by Lisa & Christine


For more information regarding tour reservation, pocket wifi rental, hotel/flight reservations, please contact Tokyo tourist information center at




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