Japanese Fusion Dishes

Among the Japanese dishes I love, there are two which I will never get tired of:  Omurice and Japanese hamburg steak.

As their name suggests, these are not traditional but rather Western and Japanese fusion dishes. Different from other countries where fusion cuisine is usually served in fine dinning restaurants, many Japanese fusion dishes are home cooked and become a childhood memory of many Japanese.


Omurice isn’t something new to Anime fans around the world. One of the reasons is because of its appearance in home dinner scenes.



Omurice consists of two main ingredients: eggs and rice. Eggs are made into an omelette and cover the stir-fired rice (with mushroom, chicken, etc).

Omurice started when the concept of making an omelette was introduced to Japan by France. Not long after, Japanese people began to put omelettes on top of white rice, which marked the birth of Omurice.

Thanks to its simplicity, omurice is made in almost every Japanese household and has become a favorite among kids since then. Traditionally, omurice is served with ketchup but there is no actual limitation, one is free to use whatever they want in creating this simple but super delicious dish.


Combination of omurice and ochazuke


Personally, I love fluffy omelettes so omurice quickly became my favorite dish. I haven’t been able to eat a decent omurice overseas so I highly recommend you try this dish when coming to Japan.

12637014_1221996067816459_544175007_o (1)
Souffle omelette with gravy sauce omurice


Despite being considered a home dinner dish, omurice is served by many Western dining restaurants (casual) throughout Japan. You don’t need to look for a fancy restaurant to have the best omurice. From my experience, a small, local joint in the neighborhood always makes the best omurice!


Hamburg steak 

Hamburg steak is said to come from Germany. Different from a hamburger, hamburg steak refers to the meat patty only.

Japanese Hamburg


While the original hamburg steak is made from ground beef, many Japanese hamburg recipes mix minced beef and pork to enhance the soft texture of this dish. Minced meat, eggs, onion, breadcrumbs (optional), milk (optional) and seasonings are the main ingredients.

The steak can come with or without sauce, which is usually onion gravy sauce. It is said that hamburg steak became a common homemade dish in Japan in around 1950.

Nowadays, not only children but many adults also enjoy this dish. Similar to omurice, hamburg steak can be found in casual Western dining restaurants in Japan. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to try the original hamburg steak yet but what I love most about the Japanese style one is the soft, juicy meat with a hint of dashi, soy sauce and lots of onions!





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