Hiroshima style “Okonomiyaki”

Takoyaki, Monjayaki, Okonomiyaki… and more!

Japanese Yaki (Fried/grilled) food never fail to wake up my taste buds.

Today, we would like to introduce “Okonomiyaki” from Hiroshima.

Firstly, do you know where Hiroshima is?

Hiroshima Prefecture is located at the southwestern part of the Japanese islands.



There are two world heritage sites “Miyajima” and “Atomic Bomb Dome” in Hiroshima. 

These tourist spots are renowned throughout the country.


“Atomic Bomb Dome”


Next, we will move on to the “Okonomiyaki” introduction.


WHAT is “Okonomiyaki”?


“Okonomiyaki” is a popular Japanese savory fried pancake that consists of batter and cabbage.

Selected toppings and added ingredients can vary greatly (anything from meat, seafood, kimchi, to cheese).

Hence “Okonomi” in Japanese means “to one’s preference”.

“Okonomiyaki” is available all over Japan, but it is mainly associated with the Kansai (Osaka) and Hiroshima area.

I believe you may already know Osaka style “Okonomiyaki” but you might wonder WHAT is the difference between Kansai style “Okonomiyaki” & Hiroshima style “Okonomiyaki”?

Let us put it into a simple and brief introduction 🙂


Osaka style “Okonomiyaki”


The batter is made of flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, onion, meat, seafood, vegetables, mochi and/or cheese.

All the ingredients are scrambled and fried on the pan.

-How to prepare Osaka Okonomiyaki-


1. Place mixed batter on the hot plate


2. Add noodles and dried bonito on top


3. Flip to the other side


4. Apply okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise on top

Hiroshima style “Okonomiyaki”

Each ingredient is piled up rather than scrambled.

The batter is cooked like a thin crepe and ingredients are cooked separately.  

Noodles are sandwiched between them and a fried egg is used as topping.

Let’s compare Hiroshima style and Osaka style of Okonomiyaki

画像① (1)
Hiroshima style


Osaka style


Although these two Okonomiyaki are very different, both are delicious!! (Do they look different to you?) 

Both Hiroshima and Osaka people are equally proud of their okonomiyaki. Please don’t say “Osaka style/ Hiroshima style is better.” To them, both are different and incomparable! 

After reading this post, are you craving for some “Okonomiyaki”?

Here are some restaurant recommendations if you would like to try Hiroshima style “Okonomiyaki”.




Okonomimura is located in the center part of Hiroshima.

Okonimimura has 25 stores in the building.

You can get a meal coupon from here!

If you buy this coupon,you can select one of the 23 stores, and you can eat a Hiroshima style “Okonomiyaki” with 1 FREE drink.


Ekimae Hiroba


Ekimae Hiroba is located in front of the JR Hiroshima station.

Over here, you are involved in the cooking process and enjoy “Okonomiyaki” instead of being served one already prepared by the chef.

画像⑦ (1)


If you would like to make your own  “Okonomiyaki”, please make your reservation by sending an e-mail to this address fh-inbound@his-world.com


We hope you ENJOY having “Okonomiyaki”!

See you next time!



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