Have you ever seen snow before?

In some countries, snow is very rare. In Sapporo, it snows everyday in winter, and there is a snow festival every year. I was very lucky and went to see the Sapporo Snow Festival last weekend, and I want to share my wonderful experience with you!

There are 3 different sites for the Sapporo Snow Festival; Odori-site, Susukino-site, and Tsudome-site. For this year’s festival, Odori-site and Susukino-site are closed already, but Tsudome-site is still open.


Odori-site is a snow wonderland where you can enjoy snow sculptures!  Let’s check them out!

If you are a huge Japanese anime fan like me, you will recognize this sculpture-  “Attack on Titan”!


This masterpiece was made by about 2,000 people during one month of hard work.

There is also a projection mapping show on this sculpture every 15 minutes.


Coming up is the snow version of the “Ruins of St. Paul’s in Macau”

It was made to represent Macau’s “Sightseeing Year”.

In my opinion, it is one of the most impressive sculptures of the year. The projection mapping show on this one was amazing. They transformed the pure white snow castle into a colorful fantasy land.




Check out the rainbow dragon on the bottom left !

Amazingly, some of the snow sculptures there are made by commoners in Sapporo. Most are made to present current trends in Japan, for example, “Tsum-Tsum” (Disney characters) , “Snoopy”  (just had 65th anniversary last year) and “Goromaru” (famous rugby player in Japan last year).


Unlike Odori-site, sculptures in Susukino-site are not made of snow, but ice!

Check out this ice COCA COLA polar bear !


This sculpture has a painting of Nikka whiskey, which is a whiskey brand that originated in Hokkaido Prefecture and became famous all over the world.


This sculpture, made by a sushi restaurant, is definitely my favorite. I am a big foodie, and I want to eat them all!


Check out me riding an ice car!

I tried my best to smile, but it was actually really cold……




This site offers many fun snow activities.


Tube slide, snow rafting, snow zipline, ice slide and more.

I tried snow rafting. Rafting on the snow was very fun, and I saw some amazing views that I had never seen before. The sky was crystal blue and the landscape was snow white, and there was no objects blocking the view.


*Some snow activities have an age restriction.

I had my dinner in a restaurant inside Tsudome-site. The local food there was very delicious and mostly made of fresh local ingredients. I ordered Hokkaido hot wine, soup curry and Sapporo miso-ramen.

All sites offer multilingual services in English, Korean, and Chinese. Some sites have instruction boards written in Thai as well.





It is held in Odori-park.

The nearest station is Odori-station (Subway Namboku-line and Toho-line)

and Nishi-jyuchome-station (Subway Tozai-line).


It is held around Susukino Area.

The nearest station is Susukino-station (Subway Namboku-line. Be aware that Hosui-susukino-station and Susukino-station are two different stops. Susukino-site is 5 minutes away from Hosui-susukino-station by walking.)


①Using Sakaemachi-station

Go to Sakaemachi-station by Subway Toho-line (it takes about 15 minutes from Susukino-station) then take a bus to the site (about 5 minutes from Sakaemachi-station).

From Susukino-station to Sakaemachi-station, it costs 290 JPY, and the bus costs 100 JPY.

②Using Sapporo Snow Festival shuttle bus

Be picked-up from Odori-park, and directly go to Tsudome-site.

It costs 250 JPY.





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