Koma fight in Nippori

Hello everyone!

Have you ever heard of KOMA FIGHT ?????!!!!

Once you arrive at Narita airport, your first stop will be Shinjuku, Tokyo or Shibuya etc., shopping and bustling areas right?

Some of you may use JR Narita express, some of you may use the cheap bus to Tokyo Station, and some of you may use Keisei Skyliner and transfer to JR or other trainlines at Nippori Station.

I think many of you already know Nippori Station. But have you ever stopped and dropped by Nippori Station for some sightseeing? Not really right?

So now, lets take a spin off at Nippori and take a walk around this station! You may discover something special like I did.

Streets of Nippori

Sight seeing around Nippori is like walking back to the good old days of Japan.

Strolling along the streets you could easily notice the retroness in the Nippori shop district.



You can also enjoy the street side dishes like hot amazake aka the sweet low  / non alcohol local made wine etc.
[The products sold along the street might change according to the season]


Along this street, you can enjoy the local street dishes of Japan. Eating, strolling,relaxing along the way. It’s almost like an Eating tour.

Street foods such as fried cakes with minced meat, spit roasting and much more!
Compared to urban cities like Shinjuku and Tokyo, this is way more relaxing and nostalgic!

On my way  back to the station, something caught my eye! Guess what that was!
Some kids are playing  KOMA – Fight !!!!!
[FYI : Koma is quite similar to a spinning top]

KOMA – Fight


This kind of Koma is called Beigoma in Japan.

This beigoma started in the 8th century ( Heian-period in Japan ).

It is made of metal now, but in the 8th century, it was made of ivory shells and clay.  (In Japanese, ivory shell is pronounced as “bai-gai” and it changed into “bei-goma” adding the word “koma” at the end). Beigoma-fight was common among the court nobles and then it became popular among commoners. Later on it became a representative of Japanese culture.

Everyone decorates their own Beigoma with nail polish. [Sounds girly yet creative lol]


[Sea Turtle]


On the left : Totoro,a famous Japanese  cartoon character

On the right : Original Smiley Love character.

How to play Beigoma ?

Step 1 : Wind a cord around the Beigoma as tightly as you can.


Once it`s finished, it looks like a Mont-blanc-cake! Doesn`t it?


Step 2 : Wind the rest of the cord around your pinky finger to make it tense.
[NOTE] Never ever unloosen it! Never!


And finally let’s make the top spin! Throw it quickly and then pull the cord quickly, and the Beigoma starts spinning.


There are some people who can make the Beigoma spark if it is spun just right.
So cool right !!!! Like Thor !
This is how the locals enjoy Koma-fight.


Travelling in Japan, we can see the ornaments of Koma in some places for example in Japanese restaurants, Japanese inns, or perhaps in tourist information centers etc.

But being able to experience making it spin is really rare.

Therefore if you happen to visit Nippori, dont forget to try it out! You might get addicted to it lolol

How to Access Nippori Shopping Disctrict

  1. Get off at JR Nippori Sta. and leave the station through the west exit.
  2.  Walk along the street for about 3 min, and then take the stairs called ” Yuyake-dandan” (yuyake means sunset, dandan means stairs in Japanese. From this staircase, you can see the beautiful sunset.)
  3. You will reach the shopping district once you reach the bottom of the stairs.

But if you wish to experience Koma Fight, you can stop by at the upper part of the Yuyake-dandan Stairs. It is held every weekend from 13:00 – 17:00.

Make sure to mark this on your itinerary if you happen to drop by  Nippori !

See you next blog.

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