Japanese Valentine’s Day is nothing like anywhere else <3

Japan is one of many romantic countries in the world which is great for lovey dovey couples out there to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Do you know why??

Check this out!

There are many romantic places in Japan, where you can spend time with your lover on this special day.

Strolling around with Japanese Pedicab in Kyoto
Enjoying beautiful view with beloved ones at beautiful parks in Tokyo
Exploring the historical old town in Hidatakayama, Gifu Perfecture
Memorable date at Minato-Mirai, Yokohama with romantic night view
and of course, spending sweet moments at the romantic amusement park

 ❤ Love is in the Air ❤

Japanese celebrate Valentine’s Day in a very unique way unlike other countries.

Traditionally, many countries have this common custom during Valentine’s Day of men giving chocolates or gifts to the woman they are falling in love with.

But in Japan, women make the first move!!!!

Yes, Japanese women will confess to their crush with a fluttering heart on Valentine’s Day by giving chocolate. Although you can see large displays of chocolate in department stores and grocery stores starting from mid January, many of the Japanese women prefer to prepare the chocolate by themselves to show their true love.

If the guy accepts the confession, they will return by giving chocolates or a gift to the female on WHITE DAY  which takes place on the 14th of March, exactly one month after Valentine’s Day .

White Day is created in Japan by the confectionery industry and this unique day has become popular throughout East Asia too.


Valentine’s Day in Japan is not only about romance. Japanese spread their love to their parents, friends, relatives, colleagues or even bosses too!

Basically, there are two types of chocolates to be given in Japan during Valentine’s Day,

~Giri Choco (義理チョコ) or Obligation Chocolate~

This chocolate is given to male friends, coworkers, etc. with no romance involved.

~Honmei Choco (本命チョコ) or true feeling chocolate~

This chocolate is meant to be for boyfriend, lover or husband with true love.

Giri Choco
cute choco bags for the homemade chocolates
chocolate/ gift box ❤
some ornaments to decorate the choco bags or boxes

And here is an example of Honmei Choco, the true love chocolate!

 (I asked a friend of mine to make one for me :p)

homemade chocolate with love letter

That is all about Valentine’s Day in Japan.

Do not hesitate to show your love to people around you and,

GUYS, please remember to return the favor on White Day  ya 🙂

See you again!




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