Free wifi in Tokyo

It’s so easy to travel in Tokyo as public transportation is conveniently connected. Language won’t be a problem as long as you have google translate…

But to use google translate… you need an internet connection.

Where to get free wifi in Tokyo? We will help you solve this mystery.

・Our Tokyo Tourist Information centers are everywhere in Tokyo. We also have free iPads for you to use in store in case you don’t bring your own devices. Multi lingual staffs are also available to answer your questions.




・Convenience stores, coffee shops and cafes, department stores, some drug stores (7spotStarbucks,tokyo-odaiba you need to register first via email)
・Train stations (Tokyo Metro Metro_Free_Wi-Fi) , Jr-East,  JR- Central Free Wi-Fi (Tokyo st.,Shinagawa st.,Shin-Yokohama st., Nagoya st.,Kyoto st.,Shin-Osaka)
・ Famous sightseeing spots e.g. ginza and omotesando
・At your hotel’s room/lobby
・Narita/Haneda airport
・Via travel applications (Japan Connected-Free Wi-Fi,“NAVITIME for Japan Travel”)

Most of these free Wi-fi require a password or prior registration. Sometimes the speed can be extremely slow if shared with many users during peak hours. From my experience, it’s better than nothing especially when you are lost.


How to ask for a password; 

“Sumimasen pas-su-wa-do ga hoshii desu” (excuse me, I want to have the password)

If they don’t understand you, try English, always works for me.

Don’t forget to say thank you “arigato gozaimasu”.


If you don’t want to risk not having free wi-fi, there are other options such as renting a pocket wifi or buying a data sim card.

Read our blog for more information.


3G and wifi in Japan

Data sim and wifi router rental





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