Early Sakura near Tokyo

It’s getting warmer in Tokyo which probably means that winter is almost over. Spring is approaching. Soon we can enjoy spring flowers.

According to the forecast, cherry blossoms (Sakura) will start to bloom in Tokyo around March 22nd and in Osaka-Kyoto on March 28th.

Cherry blossom forecast 2016


If you are planning to visit Japan during that time, you must not miss the chance to enjoy Hanami (flower viewing activity).

But what if you are in Japan now and you want to see sakura? We have good news for you.

When most people talk about sakura, they often refer to the type of sakura that blooms in the end of March to early April called “Somei-Yoshino”. But actually there are many types of sakura, “Kawazu Sakura” is one of them.



Kawazu sakura


Color is deeper than Somei-Yoshino sakura


As the name suggests, Kawazu sakura is local to Kawazu-cho in Shizuoka prefecture.

Its blooming period starts earlier than any sakura in Japan, which is around the middle of February, and lasts longer. Kawazu sakura can also be found in other areas in Japan.

Miura kaigan (三浦海岸) in Kanagawa prefecture is one of the places you can enjoy Kawazu sakura. This year the Sakura festival is being held from February 13th to March 13th.


Miura kaigan Sakura Festival 




How to get there

From Shinagawa (品川) station, take Keikyu line bound for Misaki-guchi (1hr and 5 minutes – depend on connections) and get off at Miura kaigan (三浦海岸) station


I attended the festival on the last weekend of February. Most cherry trees were in full-bloom.

crowd near the the station
crowd at the station
Beautiful cherry blossoms
Signature of kawazu sakura, enjoy with mustard flowers
So pretty
The weather was lovely!


As mentioned earlier, most trees are in full bloom now. If you are planning to visit, you should go as soon as possible before the petals start falling.

Daikon white raddish and cabbage seems to be famous products in this area. Tuna or “Maguro” is also one of the famous foods as Miura kaigan is by the ocean.


See you next blog!




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