Hina Matsuri, the Girl’s Day

Hello readers, it is spring season now *(^o^)* and I just can’t wait to attend all the upcoming local festivals (matsuri) in Japan.

There are countless of local festivals in Japan every season and during my one year stay in Japan, Hinamatsuri is one of the traditional spring festivals which caught my attention (reason is simply because I was born in a family of 4 sisters, LOL)

 WHY does it relate to me???


Oh well, Hinamatsuri is also called Girl’s day/ Doll Festival in Japan. 

This is the day to pray for young girls` growth and happiness. Hence, now you finally know why  I thought that Hinamatsuri is well related to me :p

Since Edo period (in 17th Century), Hinamatsuri has become a yearly holiday which is celebrated on the 3rd of March.



Traditional full set of Hina Dolls


Traditionally, Japanese has started this special culture of Grandparents/ parents buying new sets of Hina-Ningyo (dolls) for their first granddaughters/ daughters.

On the day of March 3rd, Japanese families will set up a special step-altar (5 or 7 tiered stand covered with red carpet) and arrange Hina-Ningyo (dolls), peach blossoms (because it is during peach season) & offerings such as freshly made diamond-shaped rice cakes called Hishimochi which usually comes in red/pink/white/green color.

The traditional full set of Hina-Ningyo (dolls) contain the Emperor, Empress, 3 court ladies, 5 musicians, 2 ministers and 3 servants, which are arranged accordingly from top to the bottom of the altar.


a close up of the Hina Dolls decoration at the altar



Hishimochi (rice cake)


These dolls will be a treasured family heirloom handed down from generation to generation because a traditional set of dolls can be really expensive.

However, in recent years, Japanese live in smaller houses with limited space to put the whole set of dolls, hence it has become common to replace with the royal couple version, the Emperor & Empress dolls only.


Royal couple version of Hina Dolls for modern families with limited space at home


a close up of the Royal couple version of Hina Dolls



There is a superstition that if one does not put away the hina-ningyo (dolls) soon after March 3rd, their daughter won`t get married until a later age >.< !!!

If you are traveling to Japan in early March, please check out this special event of Hinamatsuri at the museum.

This year, Hyakudan Hina-matsuri exhibition (Doll Festival) will be held at Hyakudankaidan, Meguro Gajoen from Jan 22 – Mar 6 2016. Vintage hina dolls from the Tohoku district (northeast of Japan) will be exhibited during this event. 

For more details of this exhibition, you may visit  Meguro Gajoen homepage.



HOW to get there?


Grab yourself a metro subway ticket from H.I.S TIC and stop at Meguro Station. It only takes 3 mins walk from the station to the event venue 🙂



Hurry, grab a metro subway ticket and do not miss this special event which is only celebrated once a year in Japan!

I hope you enjoy this event & do share with us your experience & photos from the event!

Looking forward to see your feedback!





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