Kutaniyaki ~ Japanese Traditional Craft

Souvenirs from Japan?

Japanese traditional crafts with a unique design always make the best souvenirs for my family and friends’ visits to Japan.

If you are planning to travel to Japan and looking for souvenirs, I would recommend you Kutaniyaki (Kutani Ware).


Kutaniyaki (Kutani Ware) is a type of Japanese traditional craft which was established in the 17th century by Goto Saijiro (craftsmen), under the order of Maeda Toshiharu (Japanese samurai of Sengoku period).



It is made from porcelain with 5 distinctive colors:  green, yellow, blue, purple and red.  The ceramics of the three eras are all renowned and highly valued.

Throughout the history of Kutani, potters have developed lots of techniques including the colors and the use of gold leaf. The colors of Kutani come out by the firing and are transformed to glass. 

Recently, a wide variety of Kutani Ware products have been created, such as vases, the fortune cat, saucers, small cups, USB memory devices, accessory cases, spray bottles and more.



WHERE to get Kutani Ware?

If you are interested in Kutani Ware, please visit H.I.S Tokyo Tourist Information Center Ginza Core Branch. 

There are plenty of Kutani Ware products that aren’t available anywhere else. Let’s take a look at the following recommendations 🙂

1.Beckoning cat 

Beckoning cat / from ¥4500~¥10000+tax

These  adorable “beckoning cats” are also called maneki-neko (the fortune cat). They are believed to bring good luck to the owner.

Did you know that the beckoning cat with left and right paw raised represents different meanings?

Left Paw Raised: to invite customers

Right Paw Raised: to invite money & good fortune.


2. Small cup/ Saucer


Small cup / ¥1,200+tax       Saucer / ¥1,000+tax

Although these cups come with mini-dish, it is not necessary to buy the whole set, you can always buy it separately 🙂

Also, you can display the saucer with a lucky stem arranged in the interior as an ornament instead of using it with the cup. It all depends on your creativity (^o^)

3.USB memory stick


USB memory 16GB / ¥10,000+tax

This USB memory with 16GB of storage. It’s also very popular as a present/ souvenir with the unique design on it.


4.Spray bottle


Spray bottle / from left to right ¥3,000+tax  ¥5,000+tax  ¥2,800+tax


The price for these spray bottles vary depending on the design. You may simply fill these classic bottles with cosmetics such as lotion/ cream/moisturizer.


HOW to get there?


Welcome to H.I.S Tokyo Tourist Information Center Ginza Core Branch!!!

We are located on the 5th floor (as shown in the photo below). 

It takes merely 1 min walk from Metro Ginza station Exit A3.

When you get out from Exit A3 , The Ginza Core building is on your left hand side. Go in to the building and take the elevator to the 5th floor; then you can find us!


Map >> Ginza core


We are always here waiting for you. Please come visit us! <^ ~ ^>





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