The Beautiful Sunset of Mt. Washu, Okayama

What are the popular spots to enjoy gorgeous & romantic sunsets in Japan?
Mount.Washu would be my best recommendation.
Mount Washu (“Washuzan” in Japanese) is a 133 meter high mountain located in the Setonaikai National Park, Japan’s first national park.

The Great Seto Bridge


The shape of the mountain looks like an eagle spreading its wings, hence, the name of Mount Washu came from the Japanese words “Washu”, which literally means eagle.
It is located on a small peninsula extending into Seto Inland Sea, about 20 km from the south of central Kurashiki city.
There are two observatories near the top of the mountain, and I would say that the view from both observatories is really amazing.
The position of the peninsula is in the center of the channel between Okayama Prefecture and Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku Island.
Furthermore, there are several small islands surrounding the sea, so we can enjoy the breath taking scenery of Seto Inland Sea.
The distance between Honshu Island and Shikoku island is only 10 km, hence Great Seto Bridge (Seto-Ohashi in Japanese, 13.1 km) connects both islands, and it has both expressway and railroad (JR).
The bridge is also one of the elements of the scenery too as it is connecting Okayama prefecture and Kagawa prefecture.
The good news is that hill walking is no longer necessary as a mountain trail has been constructed for climbing the mountain,  (^o^)v.
Sunset view of the Great Seto Bridge

Where to watch the gorgeous sunset???

  • Mt. Washu 2nd Observatory
  • Mt. Washu visitor center
  • Summit of Mt. Washu (elevation 133m)
  • Ohama beach

When to see the sunset???

  • October to February will be the best time of the year to see the sunset.


beautiful view of the bridge from the observatory

What’s so special about it???

The sunset from Mt. Washu Observatory is so superb that it has been chosen as the “sunset hundred election in Japan” and it has also been specified as a special area in the National park of Seto Ocean.
While watching the trains come and go and ship across the Seto Ohashi, you can enjoy the sunset with other islands.

【Cool spot near by 】

There is an amusement park “Brazilian Park Washu Highland” nearby. Apparently, the ride “Sky Cycle” is the scariest ride in the world! Let’s give it a try for an adrenaline rush!
Stunning view from the scary Sky Cycle 🙂

How to access Mt. Washu for sunset viewing???

from Kojima station

  • take the “Tokohai-go” bus to Daini-Tenboudai stop. (It takes about 27 minutes & the “Tokohai-go” runs in the evening of every weekend including holidays). OR
  • By taxi, it takes about 10 minutes to reach the destination.


We look forward to your visit to Okayama!

See you next time!

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