Mosques and Prayer Rooms in Tokyo

As the number of tourists visiting Japan from Muslim countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. is growing every year, it’s good if Tokyo can have facilities like mosques to answer to their needs.

The number of mosques and prayer rooms is actually growing.

Here are some of those places and the good thing is that they are all located in most visited areas by tourists:

1. Shibuya, Noa Dogenzaka

Shibuya is one of the must see tourist destinations in Tokyo popular among tourists from all over the world. So, if you’re visiting here and you want to find a place to pray, you can visit this prayer room located not far from Shibuya station, approximately 700 meters from Hachiko exit. The facility is managed by  the Ghana Muslim Community. ]

How to get there?

1. Get out Shibuya station by the Hachiko exit, cross the crossroad in the direction of 109 store(store name).

2. When you are front of 109 store the road will split in two, so take the one on your left. Continue for less than five minutes from there and you will see this building with a sushi restaurant facing the main road.

3. Go into the next street by your right after the restaurant. There you’ll find the building entrance like the back side of  the sushi restaurant.

here you are!  


The prayer room is inside of an apartment building. Get into the building, take the elevator and proceed to the 11th floor.

When you get off go look on your right side until you get to room number 1107.


Small room but enough to accommodate more than 10 prayers.


2. Imperial Hotel Tokyo

This hotel is quite famous. If you are strolling around the Ginza area, you can use this hotel’s prayer room.

Click here for the access -> Imperial Hotel’s prayer room

Update 2016-12-06 : From Nizam “I just walked in The Imperial Hotel Lobby. The staff said there are no muslim prayer room. They will only setup if there are delegations or group request. Thanks”


3. Shinjuku, Takashimaya Departement Store


This place is popular not only among locals but for foreign tourists as well. The complex also has a prayer room for the Muslim customers. 

Click here for the access -> Takashimaya Shinjuku


4. Yoyogi Uehara, Masjid Camii

The Turkish cultural center Tokyo Camii in Yoyogi Uehara is the most well known and the biggest Masjid in the surrounding area of Shinjuku station.

Website -> Click



5. Ueno Okachimachi, As Salaam Masjid


In Ueno Okachimachi area there is a Masjid called “As Salaam” within 6 minutes walk from the South exit of JR Okachimachi station.

As Salaam

To find the Access to get there, here is the website -> Click

6. LAOX Akihabara Store

Hey anime and game lover! Don’t worry, there is a prayer room located at the heart of Akihabara. LAOX dutyfree shop, 2 minutes walk from Akihabara Station’s electronic Exit. Just ask the shop assistant and they will kindly take you there.

Here is the access -> LAOX Akihabara


7. Haneda Airport

Prayer room is one of the facilities provided by Haneda Airport. It located at the International terminal departure area, 3rd floor.

Here is the access -> Haneda Airport prayer room

Above mentioned places are just a few I talked about but there are a lot of other mosques and prayer rooms in Tokyo. In Tokyo especially, most of these places are in very well known tourist sites for easy access to foreigners. No more nervousness about the place to practice your religion during your journey in Japan.

Today , Japan is more friendly , more receptive and more open than ever to the world, so tourists from all over the world are welcome. Also, tourism professionals and all Japanese people are ready to do anything possible to make your journey an enjoyable and memorable one.


Prayer time in Japan


For more information about prayer rooms in Japan, I recommend you this website —-> Halal Media

If you come across any other prayer room in Tokyo or Japan and want to share the location, please feel free to add in our comment section.


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I wish this information will be useful for you. See you again!

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  1. I just walked in The Imperial Hotel Lobby. The staff said there are no muslim prayer room. They will only setup if there are delegations or group request. Thanks


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