Airport transfer: Keisei Skyliner

There are several ways you can travel to and from Narita airport. You can choose based on your budget, time of arrival/departure and of course the most convenient boarding locations.

In previous blogs, we have introduced about how to travel to and from Narita airport.

I’ve also covered the story on my experience on Narita express (N’EX). Links below:

Airport transfer

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My experience on Narita express


Narita airport departure hall


Narita airport arrival exit A


The JR pass is convenient in many ways. It allows you unlimited rides on any JR trains. If you are a JR pass holder, you can travel to and from Narita airport using Narita express (N’EX).

However, the JR pass will be only be economical if you plan to take the Shinkansen at least twice. For many people who plan their travels by entering Japan from one port e.g. Narita and leave from another port e.g. Osaka, it could mean that they will only take the shinkansen once.


Japan rail pass
Japan rail pass


Or for those who only plan to stay in Tokyo and travel to surrounding areas such as Kamakura, Nikko, Hakone etc. they might not need to use JR pass at all as JR pass doesn’t really cover all areas that we mentioned, just parts of them.

For example, if you want to visit Hakone, JR train will only take you to Odawara station. You will need to use other train operators such as Odakyu if you need to travel to Hakone Yumoto. In that case, buying a Hakone free pass might be more reasonable.

* There are many train operators in Japan and JR is one of them which has the most coverage.

**Since JR started out as a government enterprise before being privatized to a private company, the Japanese government invested a lot of capital developing the train networks for the past few decades.

***But it doesn’t mean that if are a JR pass holder, you can take ANY trains in Japan. Subway and metro are usually not covered by JRP.

Plan your trip well and you might save even more money!


Narita airport


If your hotel is in Tokyo, Shibuya or Shinjuku areas, taking Narita express might be more convenient since you don’t have to change trains.

But for those who plan to stay in Ueno, Asakusa or Ginza areas, Keisei skyliner is definitely more convenient. Especially those who stay in Ueno area, by Skyliner, you can reach Ueno in just 41 mins.

Not to mention, the Keisei skyliner can take you from Narita to downtown Tokyo in 36/41mins (to Nippori/Ueno), while with N’EX, it takes almost 1.5 hrs.

If you are in a hurry…. Keisei Skyliner is probably your hero.


Keisei Skyliner

  • Limited express train that connects Narita airport to Nippori station (36 mins) and Ueno station (41 mins).
  • Skyliner maximum speed is 160 km/hr which is considered the fastest train on a traditional rail track. (Shinkansen uses different tracks)




Whats so special about it ?


  • all seats are reserved, guaranteed decent and comfortable seats. Seats are guaranteed as you are able to reserve a seat. And there are special places for you to store your bulky luggage. So you don’t have to worry your luggage will fall apart etc.


Big and comfortable seats


reserve your seat freely
Very clean cabin


  • Free Wi-fi is available in the Cabin ***For visiting foreign tourists ONLY***
    You will be given a Wi-fi ID and password which will be accessible up to 6 hours. And all seats are equipped with an AC power outlet. ( Basically you don’t have to worry your smartphone or tablet will run out of battery)

Get wifi username & password when exchanging the pass
AC power outlet under the seats
Luggage space
toilet equipped on the train

Selling price

The regular price for skyliner for one way is 2470yen, roundtrip will be 4940yen. ( Half price for children below 12).

But but but…. Foreign visitors are eligible for a Special Rate !!! Which is much cheaper than the regular. It always comes with some combo package with a Tokyo Subway Ticket.




* Click [HERE] to learn about Tokyo Subway Ticket

*** As Subway ticket only comes as a combo set with Skyliner tickets, if you wish to purchase just subway ticket, please contact Tokyo tourist information center at

Website :

The tokyo subway pass covers 9 different Tokyo Subways Line which runs by different companies. (Tokyo Metro & Toei) With this pass, it really does make your travel more and more easy.



Sales Locations : Contact your local HIS offices to purchase before arriving in Japan *special rates

(Korea, China Shianghai-Suzhou, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand)

You can also purchase when you arrive at Narita as well (regular price)

  • Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station, B1F
  • Narita Airport Terminal 2 Station, B1F

The business hours are from 07:00 ~ 22:30.


Keisei Ticket Counter in Narita Airport


With the combo sets of tickets, you are able to conquer Tokyo town areas easy as pie. Therefore why not get yourself or your family one of these while visiting Tokyo?

Moreover Sakura season is around the counter, bet you are one of those Sakura Hunters  right? You definitely need this as your sakura hunting partner.

Next blog we will explain step-by-step how to take the Keisei skyliner from Narita airport to Ueno and from Ueno to Narita. You will never get lost again, STAY TUNED!


Contents written by Alicia&Monthly

For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information centers in Tokyo.

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