Airport transfer from/to Narita airport : Keisei skyliner

Step by step of how to airport transfer using Keisei Skyliner


In the previous blog, I introduced the Keisei Skyliner and talked about price, the place to purchase and advantages of taking the skyliner.

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Keisei Skyliner

In this blog I will explain in detail how to take the train from Narita airport to Ueno and vice versa. Follow the guidelines in this blog and you will never get lost.


From Narita to Ueno


1.Once you pass through immigration and customs, go to the nearest exit.

Narita airport arrival exit A
Look for the sign – Train


2. If you get out from exit B, turn right and take the elevator down to B1 floor

Go to B1 floor



3.For those who have purchased the ticket in advance in your country, you will need to exchange your tickets to seat reservation tickets.

Information center on B1 floor
These are the tickets purchased from HIS overseas branches
Exchange here!
Show your passport and choose departure time
round trip tickets with seat reservation and 3 day Tokyo metro pass (5400 yen)




  • English and Chinese speaking staff are available at the Keisei information center. Operating hours are until 9PM everyday. If your flight arrival time is later than 9PM, you can contact the Keisei counter at the entrance.


Keisei tourist information center open until 21.00
Keisei ticket counter opens until 22.30


  • You can reserve you return ticket from Ueno on the same day if you like (since most of you know your departure date & flight). Choose the latest one. You are allowed to change the time once if you want to leave earlier (depends on availability).
  • In case of round trip ticket, once activate, return ticket must be used within 6 months.


  • Free wifi is available on the train. Please ask the information center for the username & password. You can also use AC power outlets on the train.


  • One way ticket regular price is 3470 yen. 3 day metro ticket is 1500 yen. If you buy round trip skyliner plus 3 days metro pass, you actually save almost 4000yen! 


Single trip ticket from 2800 yen (saved 1740 yen)



Tokyo subway ticket 1/2/3 days available



4. Board the train


Insert ticket here
Follow the orange line to platform
Train approaching


5. Look for your seat number

As all seats need advance reservation, once you reserve, please check the car and seat numbers.

Car no. 05 Seats 11 B
11 A and B
Your luggage should be stored in the luggage area


6. Get comfortable and enjoy the ride!


Final stop at Ueno station




From Ueno to Narita



—- AT UENO —-

Ueno station is a big station. Within the vicinity, there are 3 main entrances for 3 different operators, JR, Subway and Keisei line.

As Keisei skyliner ticket comes as combo with Tokyo subway ticket, many of you might be using subway to transfer from your hotel to Ueno station.

Be sure to reserve your seat in advance. If the train is full, you might need to wait for another one in 20-30 mins.



Subway exit Ueno station
Take exit no 6. to Keisei Ueno station
For those who haven’t reserved the seat, you can do so here
Ticket counter for same date purchase
You can also use ticketing machine too, English available
Follow the arrow Skyliner platform
Insert the ticket here (don’t forget to take it back!)
Train approaching!


Car no.6 Seat no. 13D



—- Arriving at Narita airport —-


From Ueno, it takes 41 mins to Narita.

Time went by really fast!


Arriving at Narita airport terminal 2・3


Exit from Keisei Narita station
Simply follow the instructions on the board
Check your terminal (depends on airlines)


Terminal 2 

Jet Asia, Tiget air, Air asia X, HK express, Japan airlines, Finnair and more

Terminal 3

All nippon airways, Peach, Swiss air, Lufthansa, Delta, Air Berlin, Korean air, Thai airways and many more


Departure hall on 3F


Keisei skyliner  tickets

Sales Locations : Contact your local HIS offices to purchase before arriving in Japan *special rates

(Korea, China Shianghai-Suzhou, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand)

You can also purchase when you arrive at Narita as well (regular price)

  • Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station . B1F
  • Narita Airport Terminal 2 Station, B1F

The business hours are from 07:00 ~ 22:30.


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or
visit one of our Tourist information centers in Tokyo.





41 thoughts on “Airport transfer from/to Narita airport : Keisei skyliner

  1. Hi! Thanks for this useful post! My flight arives after 17h00 on a Sunday 😦 I either have to Ueno then use the Ginza metro for asakusa or chage stations for Asakusa… I’ll see when I get to Narita. Do you have any idea how long it takes to customs and find the ticket counter to book a ticket?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really depends how many flights are landing at the same time. Usually it takes 30-45 mins to pass thru immigration and custom


  2. Great post — very helpful and informative. 🙂

    I’m booking the Skyliner/Tokyo Subway round-trip pass right now, but I can’t find information on how many days after my arrival I can use the return trip ticket. For example, if I purchase the Skyliner round-trip ticket, can I get my return ticket as far out as two weeks after my arrival?

    For some reason I’m having a hard time finding this answer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


    1. you are right! I search everywhere and come up with no answer too.

      In the website, it mentioned that ticket can be used within the 6 months but I am not sure it counts when the ticket is purchased or when it’s activated. We called Keisei to confirm and are informed that once activate, the return ticket need to be used within 6 months!

      Did you purchase your ticket with HIS? if you do, you can ask our operator if there are any additional questions.


  3. Hi, thanks for your post, it’s really helps….
    My flight will be arrived at Narita International Airport Terminal 3 from Kansai Airport at 9.25pm. Is it ok for me to catch up the last train of Keisei skyliner?


  4. Hi, thanks for the post. It’s really helps….
    My flight will be arrived at Narita International Airport Terminal 3 from Kansai Airport at 9.25pm. Is it ok for me to catch up the last train of Keisei skyliner to Ueno station?


  5. Hi, thanks for the post. It really help a lot….
    My flight will be arrived at Narita International Airport Terminal 3 from Kansai Airport at 9.25pm. Is it ok for me to catch up the last train for Keisei skyliner to Ueno Station?


  6. Hi, thanks for the post. It really help a lot….
    My flight will be arrived at Narita International Airport Terminal 3 from Kansai Airport at 9.25pm. Is it ok for me to catch up the last train for Keisei skyliner to Ueno Station?


    1. I am not sure it depends how long it takes for you to get thru immigration and pick up your luggage. The last train is at 22:30 so you need to hurry


  7. thanks for the pictorial guide.
    may i also knw how to book the return seat?
    i plan to purchase nippori-narita t2 for yen2200 online.
    then i unders will need to counter upon arrival to exchange. must i confirm the train time at the exchange ?
    thanks for your advise


    1. you can use automatic machine to reserve seat or go to keisei skyliner to reserve it and yes, you can confirm the train time when you exchange vouchers


  8. Hi,
    Really great to see your blog. It seems like less information regards the set ticket. I plan to buy the nippori-narita + 72 -hr tokyo subway set. Do you have any idea that I can change the ticket at any Tokyo downtown or Haneda airport?
    Somehow my flight will arrive in Haneda but depart from Narita.


  9. Hi I wanted to enquire about the 72 -hr tokyo subway set. I am due to arrive at Haneda Airport but my flight will depart at Narita Airport.
    Can I use this ticket to travel between the two airports within my 72 hour period?
    You have mentioned that you need to change ticket at Keisei stations. Does that mean we need to buy another ticket due to the different airports?
    Also I am arriving at Haneda at 11pm. Are the ticket booths open during this time?


    1. No you can’t. Keisei skyliner is Narita transfer not Haneda. You can use 72 hours subway ticket on tokyo metro within that 72 hours period.

      And yes, you need to buy another ticket. Ticket counter close at 9pm


  10. OK so to be clear, if I buy a round-trip Skyliner ticket at the Narita airport. when I’m then ready to leave Tokyo 2 weeks later and return to Narita airport, I can use the round trip ticket I received at Narita, to reserve my seat by going to a ticket counter at the Nippori train station? I dont need to go to ueno? Thank you


  11. This is very informative. Thank you for adding all the photos, it helps a lot.
    I am planning to buy the Roundtrip+72 hrs ticket but I have concern on the 3rd day (72 hrs expiration). If you start to use it on the 1st day 3 pm, it will end on the 3rd day 3 pm? What if you still need to ride the train after 3 pm? Can I reload or need to buy new card? Hope to get your response.


  12. Hello thanks for guide , one question , when i buy skyliner round trip online and exchange it at narita airport can i reserve seat and time/date on return trip still when i am at airport ? thank you


  13. Hi, I plan to buy the narita-nippori online. Do I need to specify the train time i want when i book online? Or is this done when I exchange for tickets at keisei counter?



  14. Curious if anybody bought the 2 single tickets on Klook rather than buying a round trip ticket and if there are any savings to do that instead? Mind you the Klook 2 single tickets dont give you the metro passes, however, if you do the math from buying the package deal which includes the metro tickets + the round trip at HIS /EGL or online it looks like it could be the same? Any advice would be great. Thank you. Bree

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Hi, my flight landed at 8:55pm, I noticed that the counter closed at 9pm. Please advise how could I redeem the ticket?

    I am taking Hong Kong Airlines landed on Terminal 2 in July but would be landed on Terminal 1 from August, which Terminal should I mention in your website when make reservation? Please advise. Thanks.


    1. You can contact keisei counter (where japanese people buy ticket) directly but English speaking staff might not be presented. This counter open until the last train if I’m not mistaken.


  16. Hi there,
    Your blog is very useful. I was wondering if you can answer my question because I haven’t found any information pertaining to my problem yet. I am arriving late on a Tuesday night at 8:55PM, I already bought a one way ticket from Narita to Nippori with 2 days of Tokyo subway pass, but the Info centre closes at 9PM, so is there anywhere else I can exchange my ticket before boarding the train?

    Thank you in advance!



    1. Hi Lindsey, you can do it at the regular keisei counter by the entrance but they might not have English staff on standby all the time like the info center. I believe the counter is open until the last train so even if you arrive after 10pm (immigration, luggage pick up etc) you can still exchange your ticket. Hope this help!


  17. Do you know if there is a possibility to buy Keisei Skyliner + Tokyo subway package at a promotional price at the airport? At the airport can I buy a one-way ticket which will be use at a later date?


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