White Day

Hey gentlemen, are you having a hard time choosing the right present for White Day? Here we have some tips for you, check this out!

What is white day?

Is it the day that everything turns white? Nope! Find out in our blog today!

What is White Day?

White Day falls on the 14th March, which is exactly one month after Valentine’s Day.

On White Day, guys pay back to the girls who gave them gifts on V-Day and White Day is also call ‘the answer day’ for girls.

Apparently,  there is also a rule called “sanbai-gaeshiin” in Japan, which literally means that a guy should return a gift worth three times the value of what they received during V-Day!

So what are the common gifts? Well, it could be chocolates, cookies, flowers or even expensive things such as jewelry or accessories.

Tips to celebrate White Day:

1) Differentiate the basics of sweets given during V-Day

*check here for the difference between Giri Choco &  Honmei Choco!

a) White chocolate =”let’s be friends”

b) Chocolate Candy = “I like you”

c) Chocolate Cookies= “I love you”

2) Return Giri Choco with…

Returning Giri Choco with a basic box of white chocolate will do or just a simple and inexpensive gift which is available at almost any store.e382ade383a3e38397e38381e383a33.jpg

3) Return Honmei Choco with…

Compared to Giri Choco, these probably needs more thought on what to give back because it involves romantic feelings.

Hence, if you have the same feelings back, please return something nice with WHITE gift wrap paper or bag.

Some ideas for gifts would be:

a) Sweets: cakes, chocolates, candies or cookies



b) Flowers: Roses/ her favorite type of flower



c) Fancy Candles


d) Soft toys:

Remember that, every girls especially younger ones like soft toys such as teddy bear because it is so fluffy and nice to hold in your arms 🙂


e) Perfume (make sure you know what’s her favorite scent of perfume)


MOST IMPORTANTLY! Remember to attach the gift with a hand written card to show her your sincerity 🙂


3) Go on a date

The last preparation would be to invite her out for a date on White Day. You may bring her to have a meal at a nice restaurant, movie, or VISIT JAPAN on this day!

If you are visiting Tokyo during White Day, you may bring your beloved one to explore something fun such as:

a) Owl Cafe

b) Bunny Cafe

c) Cat Cafe

d) PURIKURA (sticker photo taking session)

I am  sure both of you will have a great and memorable White Day!




To find out more about cool and fun things to do in Tokyo, Japan, please do not hesitate to look for us at H.I.S Tokyo Tourist Information Center.

I hope you find this post useful and GOOD LUCK to all the gentlemen 🙂



Header image from wallpaper mania

Used with modification



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