Memory Lane down Shinjuku

My friends and family who come to Tokyo always ask the same question.

Do you have any places that the locals ALWAYS VISIT, not the tourist spots but LOCAL Spots ????!!!!

Yes, some Japan repeaters are kinda bored with the typical tourist spots, especially like my parents. They prefer to go where the locals go.


Travel like a local’ says my Dad.


However, since I now work around the Shinjuku area, I often walk around to familiarize myself with the surrounding area. Shinjuku is mainly divided into 3 parts. The East, South and the West area.

The East area is full of well known shops and of course the Kabuki district. Examples are Bic Camera, Yodobashi , Bic qlo, ABC marts, Isetan etc. The South area is more or less the same as East but they have more variety of luxury hotels. On the other hand, the West has these various shops like second hand shops etc.

West Shinjuku


One day, while walking from the West area to the East area via the small alley, I noticed this small lane called the Omoide Yokocho / Memory Lane. The name was really catchy, so i decided to go in to take a look.

Omoide Yokocho: Memory Lane


There are 4 lanes which cross each other to make up the Memory lane. This place is full of yakitori (Japanese style grilled chicken skewers ) bars and a selection of Japanese Cuisine totaling around 60 restaurants. And it seems like this place has been here since a few decades ago.



Most interesting of all, the bars serve Yakitori by using the traditional coal burner grills or gas burners. I haven’t tried it yet but I know it will definitely test better than those who use electric grills. Nothing beats the natural way of cooking.



If you walk along the lanes, you will notice that the bars do not have any English or other language menus. These places are definitely mostly for the locals. However, you can see there are some foreigners walking around too. It is a nice place to enjoy authentic Japanese grilled food. I guess this is why it was named the Memory Lane.






How to get there?

Map:: Click>>
Nearest station : JR Shinjuku
1) Get out from West exit of JR Shinjuku
2) Walk towards the Uniqlo of Shinjuku west

Uniqlo West Exit


3) Turn right and you will see the board of ‘思い出横丁’


Main Entrance


Opening hours : From evening



Hope you will find this article useful and have a nice trip in Japan.

Stay tuned with us for more interesting blogs.



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