Nihonbashi Sakura festival

For those who are in Japan now, although it is a bit too early to see the Somei-yoshino sakura, I have good news for you. Okame sakura is now in full bloom. You don’t have to even travel far to see it.

Nihonbashi sakura festival

Happening now!

In my previous blog, I introduced different kinds of cheery blossom (or sakura) in Japan. If you haven’t read it, please check it out.

Early Sakura near Tokyo


Nihonbashi (日本橋)

Nihonbashi literally means “Japanese bridge” and it is a business district north of Ginza, very close to Marunouchi and Tokyo station.


Skyscrapers in Nihombashi


I’m quite fond of this area since there are many nice shops and famous restaurants. However, I’ve never heard of Nihonbashi as a famous Hanami spot.

Why would I?

It’s a business district with no parks nearby!?!


Last week, I had visitors from home who really wanted to see sakura once before they leave. I thought it was impossible since Somei-Yoshino sakura will only blossom in the end of March.

My friend who works in a salon in Nihonbashi told me that there are some “Ogame Cherry” in full bloom right in front of her salon. There aren’t many but there are some!


Okame sakura


The weather was so lovely so I managed to snap some photos and thus share with you in this blog.


The color is deeper than somei-yoshino sakura
surrounded by skyscrappers
Beautiful blue sky




Click >>> Map

Nearest station : Mitsukoshi-mae, Subway Ginza line (exit 2 or 4) walk for 3 mins


aren’t they pretty?
Can’t get enough of this


The festival is held from March 18th-April 10th, 2016.

Besides Hanami, you can also enjoy many other activities such as;


  • A flurry of falling cherry blossoms, Nihonbashi Breeze Alley

  • Try original menu items from long-standing traditional restaurants, all for a reasonable price! Nihonbashi Sakura Stalls

  • Paint the town sakura pink! Sakura Light-Up

  • Take a round trip around Nihonbashi! Nihonbashi Sakura Bus

  • Unique Nihonbashi sakura-themed workshops Nihonbashi Information CenterSpring Experience Workshops

  • Admire the sakura from onboard a boat while listening to kouta (short ballads) Sumida River Cherry Blossom Viewing with Kouta River Cruise

And many more!


Would be nice to see the light up

For more information, check out their website



That’s all for today.

Stay tuned for more updates from us.





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