Travel Osaka by Osaka Wonder Loop

Osaka  is the second largest city in Japan. Foreign tourists love to travel to Osaka after Tokyo. Osaka has a lot things to offer from scenic views to finger licking good local gourmet.




Our Osaka TIC branch is located in the Shinsaibashi area, in the OPA shopping mall. Feel free to drop by and you may find something to help you on your trip.

How to access ?
Nearest station >>>> Shinsaibashi station , Exit 7

As you may know,  there are two major types of travel passes specially designed for foreign tourists who are traveling in Osaka. These are :

  1. Osaka Amazing Pass
  2. Osaka Wonder Loop

Lets  break down each pass for you hehe.


Osaka Amazing pass

The Osaka Amazing Pass is a combo pass of both an open subway ticket and numerous entrance tickets for local attractions like the Osaka castle.

This may save you a few bucks as you can visit the local MUST VISIT places and you get to travel with the 1 or 2 days open ticket without any limits.

Some of you might say why do you need that as you already got the JR Railway pass. But in Osaka, the subways rules the whole city. Therefore it’s wise to get a subway open ticket to make your trip easier.

2300 yen for one day

3000 yen for two days (Limited to foreign tourists)

More info >>>>> Osaka Amazing pass


Osaka Wonder Loop

The Osaka Wonder Loop is more or less the same as the Osaka Amazing pass. The only difference is the mode of transportation.

Wonder Loop is a Hop on/Hop off bus. Tourists are able to get on and off freely around the sight-seeing spots while riding the bus. Since it has always been desired by many tourists, the ‘Osaka Wonder Loop Bus’ launch was done with the support of the Osaka City  & Osaka Tourism Bureau. Tourists are able to access hotspots such as Umeda, Osaka Castle, Nanba, Tennoji and more via the loop bus. The bus stops at a total of 13 spots which make sightseeing and shopping convenient by just getting on and off the bus.

The price is 3000 yen per ticket and its valid for 24 hours!! (starting from when you first use it)

ガ イ ド ブ ッ ク 画像.


More information >>>> Osaka Wonderloop

The main features of the loop bus

There are two main features; 13 stopping points across Osaka city and the ability to get on or off freely for 1 day. It comes with  discount coupons (equivalent to ¥ 100,000 if you use it all) and also a lot of guide books and tickets.

It was sunny the day we visited Osaka. We decided to try out this new product. Moving on a bus was a great experience as you are able to view the nice scenery along the route.  Which is quite different if you compare with the subway.


Shitennoji (四天王寺)

四 天王寺 022.jpg

Dotonbori (道頓堀 鉄板神社)

cr. JNTO


Osaka castle (大阪城)


Osaka Umeda


© Osaka Government Tourism Bureau / © JNTO.


The atmosphere of riding the Osaka Wonder Loop


1_ 難 波 停留 所 .jpg
The bus stop 
5_ ガ イ ド さ ん ②.jpg.
The staff is showing the next stopping site 
9_ 大阪 城 .jpg
Osaka Castle
7_ ハ ル カ ス .jpg
The tallest building in Japan, Abeno Harukas



Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is one of Japan’s most famous tourist spots. It was built in the 16th century  by shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of those who played a role in the unifying of Japan.

Before you go to the castle, you will walk through the park (that’s where we went through the forest) on the map below.


See that the castle is surrounded by gardens (forest), several swimming pools and other buildings. Before visiting the castle, the other thing was to visit the surrounding areas, such as the Japanese gardens Hoyoen, Shrine Hokoku etc. For some you may have to pay, but there are many that are free.

Osaka Castle has 600 cherry trees . It is one of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots. Don’t miss it during spring, if you happen to be in Osaka.


FullSizeRender (5)
The leaf-shaped red
FullSizeRender (2)
It is better to take a picture outside from the castle, to prevent back-light that might ruin your photo.

After walking around the castle, we decided to visit the inside of the Castle. You can buy the admission ticket from the ticketing machines for 600 yen.

Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building is also a must visit building. I say that because there is a Floating garden in the building. Its a unique place especially for couples.

m_180495                                                                               © Osaka Government Tourism Bureau / © JNTO


Dotonbori is a street that runs parallel to the canal. It is a famous site for local food and also is a minor shopping area (compared to Shinsaibashi) . The highlight of the area is that at nightfall, the site is lit by countless neon lights on the mechanized signs. Famous ones are the running man of Glico and the crab sign of Kani Doraku ( Which is famous for crabs duh…. )


FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (4)



As you can see there are countless mouth watering dishes waiting for you in  Osaka. Do not miss any of this. Dumplings, Okonomiyaki, Kushikatsyu, ramen etc…


Shinsaibashi is just beside Dotonbori. After finish feeding your stomach, its time to burn off some calories by shopping! Shinsaibashi is the main shopping area in the city of Osaka. It has a various range from cheap to average branded stuff ( If I’m not mistaken lol )

Before was eat ’til you drop, now its time to shop ’til you drop.

PS. Shinsaibashi has lot of shops that provide tax-free!




FullSizeRender (6)

Conclusion, the Osaka Wonder Loop is quite a value for the money, and it gave us a nice time in Osaka too heheh. If you buy from overseas, you are entitled to extra discounts.

Where to buy?

Contact your nearest Local  HIS branch or  Japan’s Osaka information center or via any tour agent in Osaka.

Thanks for stopping by and see you in the upcoming blog.

blog by  Chauneee

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