Food Talk in Spring!

Hooray, the weather in Japan is finally getting warmer & obviously Haru (spring) is around the corner.

Speaking of spring in Japan, most people immediately think of the iconic pinkish sakura (cherry blossoms). However, there are many more interesting things about spring in Japan than just that.

For Japanese, spring is the first of the four seasons, which means the perfect time for a brand new start (from February to early May) as the Japanese government and businesses begin their fiscal year in April. Hence, students start the new school year and adults start a career during these beautiful blossoms seasons.

Spring is an important season for Japanese and both kids and adults will be excited for spring because it is such a beautiful season with pleasant chilly weather. Can you imagine kids entering school for the first time under the light-pink blossoms? Isn’t it wonderful?

In this post, let us discover more about the spring culture of Japan 🙂

~Food & Beverages in Spring~ 

Convenience stores in Japan are my all time favorite place to hang out because they often replenish with plenty of seasonal food & drinks. Believe it or not, once you step into the store, all the 期間限定 (limited edition) food & drinks will never fail to put you  in the mood of the season!

For the spring season, here are my recommendations:

1) Sakura Mochi (Sakura Rice Cake)

Sakura Mochi is made of sweet glutinous rice mixed with strawberry jam to get its pink color. Inside the rice cake  is filled with sweet red bean paste and it is wrapped with a pickled sakura leaf (which is edible of course!). Japanese enjoy eating sakura mochi with a cup of Japanese green tea in spring especially while doing Hanami (cherry blossom viewing)

Photo image from commons.wikipedia
The sakura petal on top of the rice cake is too attractive to eat!!!

2) Ichigo Daifuku (Strawberry Rice Cake)

Ichigo Daifuku is also made from glutinous rice with “anko” filling (red bean paste). HOWEVER… The most special thing about this Japanese sweet is that there is a whole strawberry inside the rice cake! Yes, huge strawberry fans like me will totally go crazy with these traditional sweets whenever you travel to Japan during spring.

Photo Image from commons.wikipedia
Spring = Strawberry season, desserts with fresh strawberries are available everywhere 🙂
ichigo cake.jpg
Strawberry roll cake

3) Sakura-Flavored Drinks 

Besides food, sakura-flavored drinks are also my favorite in spring! Can you imagine the taste of sakura-flavored? Trust me, it tastes so unique that you definitely cannot find it anywhere else besides Japan!

  • Sakura Soft Drink


  • Sakura Coffee
  • Sakura Alcohol


  • Sakura Energy Drink



Travel Tips:

Do not miss out on any Sakura-flavored food & beverages when you travel in Japan during the Spring season because it is only available in Japan!

Here is a video of Sakura food in Japan, hope you enjoy watching!


Next, we will talk more about things to do during Spring season in Japan! Stay tuned 🙂



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6 thoughts on “Food Talk in Spring!

    1. Japanese are so particular about season. everything is pink in spring, green in summer, white in winter and orange/red in autumn.

      If you have chance to visit Japan, check out some of those items from store. You won’t be disappointed.


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