Attraction Spots in Tokyo during Rainy Days

First time traveling to Tokyo and worried about transportation?

Don’t worry! Tokyo Metro pass will be your best companion throughout your whole trip in Tokyo 🙂  Check here for more information about Metro Subway Pass.

The Tokyo Metro pass is recommended to tourists who travel in Tokyo because it is very user friendly as it takes you to the most popular tourist attraction spots in Tokyo.

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the rainy season because there are many attractions in Tokyo with direct underground access. Hence, you can still enjoy your trip and stay dry even during rainy days!

One of my favorite attraction spots during a rainy day would be Tokyo Skytree 🙂

Travel Map by using Tokyo Metro Subway Pass


Tokyo Skytree was opened in 2012 and with a height of 634 meters, it became the world’s tallest tower. It is also known as “Skytree White” because of Ajiro, the traditional bluish white colour used on the tower.


on the way up to the observatory deck at 350 meters high.
Pamphlet available in several languages 🙂
Breathtaking view from the skyscraper!



If you are lucky enough, you can even spot Mt.Fuji from Tokyo Skytree!
Beautiful sunset view with Mt.Fuji!
Take a break and enjoy a cuppa & dessert at the Skytree Cafe



How to get there???

Take the direct access from Tokto Metro/ Toei Subway/ Keisei Line to Oshiage Station OR

take a short walk from Tobu Line Tokyo Skytree Station.


Photmage from Tokyo Skytree Homepage




For tickets & reservations, visit Tokyo Skytree Homepage.

Where to get the Tokyo Subway Ticket?

Visit H.I.S Tokyo Tourist Information 🙂




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