Get to Know Japanese Religious Culture through the Great Buddha in Kamakura

Hello travelers!

Are you curious with the countless temples and shrines in Japan? Especially Kyoto area alone have several hundred!

The main reason of the countless temples in Japan is well related to the Buddhism which was introduced to Japan since the 6th centuries. It had a great influence on Japanese culture & lifestyle. Apparently, 35% of the Japanese population now is identified as Buddhist.

Currently, there are still many traditional temples have been rebuilt and well preserved from the past. This shows that Japanese value and treasure the traditional culture very much.

If you are interested to visit temples in Japan, let me introduce you something different & unique, the Kotokuin Temple in Kanagawa Prefecture.

This place is recommended for those who are planning for day tour from Tokyo as it is located one hour away from Tokyo, where  you can experience both ancient and natural beauty of Japan.

Surrounded by nature, there is a huge Buddha Statue (one of the biggest Buddha statues in Japan) stands on the ground of Kotokuin Temple which visited by hundreds of tourists every day. Over there we can have a look at the interior inside the statue and not just the statue, we can also enjoy the beauty of the culture, locals and also the temple.

The Great Buddha of Kamakura
the scenery before the stair climbing up to the temple
the scenery from the temple
nice spot for selfie!

It is normal to see some monks around the temple. If you happen to see one and you have some coins with you, please do not hesitate to share some to them and they will give you some prayers for good blessing.

the praying monk
Don’t forget to get some Omamori (amulet) to pray for your love life as well :p

And if you are lucky, you will get to see a wedding ceremony over there. Oh well, I was lucky enough to view this special event  🙂


Japanese traditional wedding ceremony
Besides enjoying the traditional culture, there are many local shops selling souvenir and food too! 

How to Get There..?

There are 2 ways to get there.

1.By yourself :

travel to nearest train station, Hase Station and walk around 6-8 minutes to Kotokuin Temple.

Here are the directions from Shinjuku Station:

Take JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line for Zushi (60 min) -> Kamakura Station -> transfer to Enoshima Electric Railway for Fujisawa (5 min) -> Hase Station -> Walk (8 min) -> Kotokuin Temple.

Ticket fee is 1,110 yen. For JR Pass holder, you need to add 190 yen more since the JR Pass could only cover the fee until Kamakura Station (920 yen).


2. By Travel Agent :

This is the easiest way to get to Kamakura without trouble! Moreover, the one day tour is also included other travel spots such as Yokohama Bay, Jomyo-ji Temple for powdered green tea tasting, and many more.

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Opening Hours and Fees

Kotokuin Temple :  8:00 to 17:30 (7 days a week). Fees 200 yen.

Statue Interior : 8:00 to 16:30 (7 days a week). Fees 200 yen.

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