50 Shades of Sakura

“Visit Japan and enjoy the blooming cherry blossoms at least once in your life.”

April is around the corner, which means that the season of cherry blossoms (Sakura) is coming! Are you ready for the breathtaking pinkish sea of Sakura? I bet you are!

Every year, from late March until mid May, Japan is flooded with foreign Sakura hunters from all around the world. There are so many places for Sakura viewing, but do you know which are the hottest, best viewing spots around Tokyo?

I may not be a pro-Sakura hunter but after spending almost 4 springs in Tokyo, I would like to share my  TOP 5 SAKURA SPOTS in Tokyo with you.



TOP 5 Sakura Spots in Tokyo


1. Meguro river side – 目黒川

This is seriously the best sakura viewing spot, especially the night sakura viewing! It is simply gorgeous as sakura trees line up both sides of the river, and with that it creates a ‘Sakura shelter’ . Along the riverside, there are vendors selling local snacks like grilled chicken, boiled green soybeans, etc and drinks like beer.
Life is just simply wonderful by enjoying your snacks along the river while surrounded by the Sakura aroma.
After full bloom, the sakura will fall easily, and when the winds blows, it’s snowing sakura!!!  
Sakura night lights up at Meguro river

Useful Information

Blooms from : March 28 till Early April 2016
Sakura Color : Mostly pink
Photography Worthy : 5/5
Light up till :  ~ 2100
Nearest station : Naka-meguro Station  (Tokyo Metro Subway, Hibiya Line)



2. Shinjuku Imperial Garden – 新宿御苑

The Shinjuku Imperial Garden is a place where you can really feel Zen in the center of a bustling city .

Forget all your worries and unleash your inner peace

Photo source : Alicia Lee

Useful Information

Blooms from : March 22 till Early April 2016
Sakura Colour : Mostly Pink and White and various mixtures of pink and white
Photography Worthy : 4/5
Garden opening hours : 0900 ~ 1630 (Final entrance 1600)
Garden entrance fee : 200 yen – regular / 50 yen – children till 15 years old
Closed on : Mondays
Nearest station : Shinjuku-gyouen mae station / Shinjuku San-chome (Tokyo Metro Subway, Marunouchi Line)
*** Alcohol drinks are prohibited in this garden.

For more information , please refer to the link [HERE]


3.Chidoriga Fuchi 千鳥ヶ淵緑道

The sakura trees are planted along the moat. The uniqueness of this place is that the enormous fallen sakura petals will float on the moat, and create a pink river which is so beautiful. I bet you couldn’t find such a scene anywhere besides the Chidoriga Fuchi Moat.
And you can rent a 2 person seated boat for 800 yen per 30 minutes. Row along the moat banks and its breathtaking scenery will definitely take your breath away.

The boat are insanely popular, especially Full bloom season, so please be patient and wait for it. This is a spot that is definitely worth your time waiting for.

Enough said!

Useful Information

Blooms from : March 22 till Early April 2016
Sakura Colour : Mostly Pink
Photography Worthy : 5/5
Visiting hours :  ~ 2200 (Final entrance 1600)
Nearest station : Kudan-shita station  (Tokyo Metro Subway, Tozai / Hanzomon Line)
Boating hours : 0930 ~ 2000 (Ticketing ends at 1930)
Boat rental fee : 800 yen / 30 minutes

For more information , please refer to the link [HERE]


4.Rikugien  六義園


Rikugien is consider as Tokyo’s MOST beautiful landscaping garden. And of course it’s the night sakura (which I like to call ‘The night whisperer’) that is one of the main reasons that drive people flooding in.

What is so special about it ?
~ As it gets darker, the pale pink petals contrast with the dark blue sky little by little.

When is the best time to visit the garden?
~ One hour before sunset is the best time, because you can enjoy Sakura in the day time and night time.



Useful Information

Bloom from : March 24 till Early April 2016
Sakura Colour : Mostly Pink and White and various mixtures of pink and white
Photography Worthy : 4/5
Garden opening hours : Dawn ~ 2100 (March 17 ~ Early April)
Garden entrance fee : 300 yen – regular / 150 yen – senior (more then 65 years old) / Free – children till 12 year old
Nearest station : Komagome Station  (JR Yamanote / Tokyo Metro Subway, Namboku Line)

For more information , please refer to the link [HERE]

5. Ueno Park – 上野恩賜公園

Ueno park is a National park. Around the park there are various museums, art galleries and the famous Ueno Zoo. This is the most well-known Sakura spot among foreigners. In my country, almost every year we can see pictures of the Sakura in Ueno park published in the local newspapers.

This spot is famous because of the lining up of sakura trees along both sides of the walkway. And along the walkways, people have picnics under the trees and some of them brought their ukulele to play and sing along too.

Ueno park
Ueno park
Ueno park

Photo Source : Alicia Lee

Useful Information

Blooms from : March 22 till Early April 2016
Sakura Color : Mostly white
Photography Worthy : 3/5
Nearest station : Ueno station ( JR Yamanote / Tokyo Metro Subway , Ginza Line)



Save your bucks by using the Tokyo Subway Pass !!!! 

Sakura hunting might cost you a lot on transportation. Since most sakura spots are accessible via Subway, its wise to use the Tokyo Subway Pass ! Click [HERE] for more information on saving $$

Sakura Viewing Manners Q & A

  1. Q : Where shall I throw away my rubbish?
    A : Please dispose your rubbish according to the bins given, or bring it back home

  2. Q : Why can’t I speak loudly in the park ?
    A : Sakura viewing is a time to enjoy mother nature peacefully. Try to enjoy the sakura without causing troubles to the people around you.

  3. Q : I wanna have a sample of sakura flower petals or the branches as a souvenir. Can I pluck a flower or break the branches and bring it home ?
    A : The flowers and trees are the property of everybody. Please do not hurt the trees by plucking or breaking it.  Also PLEASE DO NOT SHAKE THE BRANCHES OR SCATTER THE FLOWERS.Sharing is caring.

  4. Q : Can i secure a good viewing spot in advance ?
    A : Yes you can, but please do it in a well mannered way.

Thanks to everybody, we have the chance to enjoy the beautiful sakura.

Have a nice Sakura hunting season!





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