Discover Japan in Spring

Hi readers, have you tried the spring limited edition food from the previous post? If you have not, check it out HERE!

Today, we will move onto another spring related topic, which is…

The interesting things to do in Japan during spring season!

If you are into the nature of beauty, spring is the best season for you to explore Japan because the weather is neither too cold nor too hot, it is perfect for staying outdoors!

You will definitely regret if you travel to Japan in spring without appreciating the beauty of nature especially the cherry blossoms.

Here are the top 3 things to do in Japan during Spring:

1) Hanami (Flower Viewing)

Hanami in Japanese means flower viewing. It is something obligatory (yearly cultural event) for Japanese during spring (March ~ April) because cherry blossoms (sakura) bloom magnificently during these period. Hence, for this reason, many say that spring is the best time to visit Japan 🙂

Hanami is often accompanied by a picnic and hanging out with friends, family or colleagues under the sakura trees wherever sakura can be found. During the peak of Hanami season (full bloom), most of the parks and gardens will be flowing with local Japanese & foreign visitors. If you would like to avoid the crowd, I would suggest you go during weekdays 🙂

Picnic under the Sakura tree
Hanami is definitely an ideal dating activity for couples!



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2) Ichigo-gari (Strawberry Picking)

Apparently, spring is known as the strawberry season in Japan. Japan has high production and consumption of dessert strawberries. The shape, size and color are really outstanding.

Although you can buy it from the supermarkets almost anytime throughout the year, the best season for Ichigo-gari is January ~ May, when many of the strawberry farms offer strawberry picking.

The idea of picking the fresh and juicy strawberry right from the tree & eating it right away  is extremely fun!!! The taste is totally different and it is hard to explain with words, you have to experience it yourself 🙂

The usual price is around 800 yen ~ 3000 yen (within 30mins ~ 60mins) depending on the location.

Click here to have a look at our last year strawberry picking experience in Yamanashi prefecture!





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3) Visit Flower Park/  Botanical Garden

Spring is the best season when many of the gardens look their finest. Hence, besides cherry blossoms, there are many other colorful flowers such as plum blossoms (just before the cherry blossoms), Nemophila (Baby Blue-Eyes) and tulips that you should not over look!

However, please take note that some of the locations for flower festivals are about 1-2 hours away from Tokyo. Hence, make sure you plan your schedule in advance 🙂 You may start your research from the Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association website.

12042709_1245537988793122_5779284165550829718_nphoto image from Japan

12814814_1244463262233928_2361020151320907297_n photo image from Japan

10337717_1245537992126455_8518078785637754671_n photo image from Japan




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To find out more about traveling in Tokyo, feel free to look for us at H.I.S Tokyo Tourist Information Center  & I hope you enjoy Spring in Japan 🙂








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