Bunny Cafe at Harajuku

Who says Harajuku is famous for just fashion, now it’s time for Pet Cafes!!

If you get tired after tons of shopping, and want to find cute and unique cafes in Tokyo or love pets, I have one special place just for you! The Bunny Cafe Ra.a.g.f in Harajuku!

Harajuku (原宿) is a place where tons of teenagers gather together. It is known for both cheap and luxurious brands. That’s why there are so many people from around the world visiting this place everyday.

However, it becomes a bit boring if we come here just for shopping. Now, Pet Cafes are on trend and today I will bring you guys to not just a normal one like Cat or Dog Cafe but Bunny Cafe!! Are you ready? Let’s Go!


Hey there!

Ra.a.g.f Bunny Cafe


Source: http://raagf.com/


This cafe is close to  JR Harajuku Sta. or  Meiji Jingu-Mae Sta. (Subway) (15 min walk)

Map Click>>>

Both JR and Subway are close to each other. After arriving, we will go to Omotesando (表参道)which is a very famous shopping street in the area. The cafe is on the right side.


JR Harajuku Sta. Takesahita Street Ext.


JR Harajuku Sta. Meiji Jingu-Mae

Keep walking down Omotesando Street until you see a big intersection. On the left corner, there is a department store, called Tokyu Plaza. This one is quite big. You can go shopping here if you want but our destination is the rabbit cafe, so! cross the intersection and keep on going!

Intersection in front of Tokyu Plaza

Once you cross that intersection, I suggest you keep on the right side of the road. Along the way, you will shops like Chicago (2nd hand clothing shop) and Oriental Bazaar (Souvenir Shop). After you see Kiddy Land (Toy Shop), turn right into the small street, called Cat Street.

At the entrance of Cat Street, there is a Woman Statue. Please look for that.


Inside Cat Street, there are many cute shops along the way. Turn right onto another small street once you see this 2nd hand brand shop.


Make another left in front of this building


Finally we arrived! The cafe is on the 3rd floor.


Inside the cafe


There are 3 tables for customers and some spaces for the bunnies to jump around.


We can order drinks here and get vegetables for the bunnies. (don’t eat it lol)


We can choose 1 bunny to play with in the cafe zone.


This little one is so fluffy!


Sleepy, huh?


It looks more like a hamster when we zoom in haha.


I chose this one. The staff said it is the cutest of all. What do you think?


I really wanna hug it!!

 Special Deal from Tourist Information Center !!

This is my 3rd time visiting an animal cafe in Tokyo by making a reservation through H.I.S Tokyo Tourist Information Center because they always have special deals which can save my pocket.

I spent  850 yen for a 30 minute stay and unlimited drinks at this awesome bunny cafe. MOST IMPORTANTLY bunny treats are included in this package! Isn’t it worth it?

Update 05/01/2016 Price changed

Adult  ¥850 →  ¥950

6-12 years old ¥750 →  ¥850

Children below 6 6 ¥550 →   ¥550 (no change)

Online Reservation! Click>>>

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